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A) Split Jerk: 185 lbs (PR! :-))

B) WOD I came up with based on other ones out there:

750m row
21 wall balls 20 lbs
12 pillars farmer's walk 24 kg KB

500m row
15 wall balls 20 lbs
8 pillars farmer's walk 24 kg KB

250m row
9 wall balls 20 lbs
4 pillars farmer's walk 24 kg KB

not too bad of a workout, tested by Mosio as well (finished in ~15 mins or so)


A comment from someone who typically stays quiet outside the gym...

I woke up this morning and one of my first thoughts outside of how lucky I am to married to a wonderful woman named Megan...you may know her as Meagles was how proud I am of Super G (Gwen Holtan). If there is a person who deserves this level of success...its her! She has worked so hard for this and earned every rep. Congrats again! Then I started thinking about the rest of the gym. What about Carmen...She killed it also! What a wonderful person. She played at our wedding and has given much of herself back to the gym. Then I think of other people I heckle on a regular basis. I have been here for a while and seen a number of people move through this gym. I miss some of my old workout partners...Husker, Dynamite, Joel, DK (He is back now), Operation...the list goes on and on. The people I heckle today are just as awesome! Michelle, Sesterhenn, Finck, Nicole (Miele), Boosh, Dark Horse, Tings + 100 more...GEORGE!!! I am extremely proud of our community and the stewards of our culture here at WCCF/WCSC. When I see a new person (Chevy...Not sure on spelling) push herself until she falls on the prowler then has an opportunity to quit the workout without anyone noticing she skipped her burpees...and decide to do them anyways...we must be doing something right! I know nothing is perfect and as individuals we are always wanting something just a little different whether it be music choice, programming, or coaching style whatever...there is no denying we have something special in this gym! Cheers to all those who have busted their ass this week and all the others that I didn't mention in this post. I could go on forever.

Stay Jacked!


What a softie...

Great post, TN! We've got a lot of great people to be proud of!!


well said mr TN. We've only met once including you rooting us on in class. Including a funny moment of us all rowing and you asking us how hot meagles is followed by awkward silence.

To add to the awesomeness of WCCF, the games have been on my mind. I'm pretty sure I'm at the bottom of the rankings across the board but I came in on Saturdays not really for the rankings but for the great people and camaraderie.

First Saturday I went just to watch, I hadn't planned on competing. Then John got me to judge for him and that set everything in motion. It was inspiring to judge for him as he pushed through PR'ing on the clean and jerk (twice I think). Then I ended up judging every round for someone. Those someone's tended to be the newer people of the gym, and just wow. Steven, Andy, and Erin were all amazing in their rounds. Their efforts were legendary in my book. A great thing of Windy City is its not the weight you put up but the effort you put in. And they gave everything they had and then a little more. I registered right after that Saturday and snuck in 15.1 on Monday morning with some ugly snatches.

Each Saturday after was great with everyone's support but again my favorite times were watching the final heats of the day. It definitely reminded me of Murph training of where we found our limits and broke down those walls (including counting and flutter kicks). And even if it was single person doing the work, it was a team effort to keep going.

Thanks to everyone and the coaches for the cheers and support. I think I can easily speak for everyone of that's what got us through all the workouts.

My cheesey, nerdy quote of the day -
When you can't run anymore, you crawl... and when you can't do that -- You find someone to carry you.
(beer on me to whomever knows where that is from)

Mr. Feb

Tennessee that was an awesome post. If we had a like button here I would use it x1000.

Super G

TN-thanks for always pushing us, cheering us on, and making sure our form is perfect. Great post.

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