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Still looking for some more folks for a Ragnar team. Shoot me an email lance.david.miller at gmail.com


A) DL: 225-275-305 lbs

B) 10:59

PC: 95 lbs

1/2 SU's and 1/2 DU's (30 SUs, 10 DUs, 30, 10)


I don't even like running and I'm doing this Ragnar thing. It'll be fun! Join our team.


Spoke with Brenda and Rowdy and strongly considering Ragnar. Had a blast with Ragnar Tennessee a few years ago.

A) DL: 275-285-285

B) 9:24

PC) 135

Probably should have gone lighter on the PC. Did first set unbroken. Set 2 was 7-5-5-4. Set 3 was whatever I could do to finish. Grip made this one even more challenging.


just to clarify what Peaches said - I am not running, I am going to drive your ass around and hand you beers and water as needed


Wish so much I could do Ragnar!

Tuesday 6:16 at 70# PC
1st set of du = disaster
2nd set = better
3rd set = unbroken!


See you all in June for Ragnar!

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