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WHAT?! NOOOO I need my swingers class!


How about this Brenda:

10 Rounds for time:

10 American KBS
10 Goblet Squat
1 Turkish Get-up to the floor RH
5 Getup situps RH (then back to standing)
5 Push-press RH
1 Turkish Get-up to the floor LH
5 Getup situps LH (then back to standing)
5 Push-press LH
**Every time you set the KB Down you must do 15 calories on a Rower, run 5 laps around the gym or do 8 calories on the assault bike. You cannot repeat two of these penalties in a row.


Thanks Cheston!


Anyone interested in doing Ragnar this June? I have a couple friends from outside the gym and I know Rowdy said he might be interested. Shoot me an email: lance.david.miller at gmail.com


I'm in for swingers club. Hopefully starting before 6pm, maybe 545?

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