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go Super G and Mike!

Super G

Thanks Brenda! I am in sunny California already. It all starts tomorrow. Thanks to everyone at WCCF who has helped me get ready for this competition!

Steve Rebora

Good luck Super G and Mike C at the Norcal Masters!!! If anyone has a link please post it so we can follow along.

Also, I heard that WCCF has 3 teams competing in the TRODO games tomorrow. That is awesome. Good luck everyone. Who are the athletes that our performing? If you have not attended a TRODO event, tomorrow would be a good day to wear your WCCF colors and go cheer on our athletes! Crossfit Illumine 11am-5. With the Crossfit Open right around the corner, I am sure you will see many of the top regional teams showing up. See you there.



Thanks Steve-O!

House, Hoy, Kennedy, and I are a team and we'll be starting our first event at 11:35. We are the first of the three WCCF teams to go.

Good Luck Super G and Mike C!

Mr. Feb

Good luck Super G and Mike! And good luck to all three teams competing at trodo tomorrow

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