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FS Cluster: 85/95/95 - back felt tight this morning so didn't push too much weight there.

Strict pullups: So sad. Murph training has apparently worn off. I was only able to do between 3-5 each round.

Swings/Run: 5:33 Rx. Round 2 of KB Swings actually felt better than R1 - must have loosened something up.


Luis and I are definitely signing up for Barbells for Boobs... Anyone else interested? We can all try to get in the same heat.


barbells for boobs sounds fun- and emily would kill it!

today; squatz- 165-165-got ugly so dropped to 155
pullups- did ctb until they gave out, then did a few more regular- not really counting.
metcon- didn't even look at the time- unbroken swings rx, run took about... 7 min. :)

had fun with the 830 crew. go jodi! lifting heavy.


145 on the FS. Five and fewer on the pull-ups. 5:15 for 70 American swings and around the block.

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