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got up to 185lb on my HPC, however failed on the second lift of my second couplet.

7 something on the MetCon, little bit of back up on the rower.

Was back in the GenPop.


105lbs for HPC sets.

10:04 for MetCon.

Coach Dan

Hey Everyone,
Coach Dan here! My girlfriend is moving to Chicago and is looking for a place to live, if anyone knows of anything available or is looking for a roommate could you please let me know? Thanks!!!

Mr. Feb

135, 155 and 155 for HPC

8:55 for metcon.


Dan! I have someone who also needs a roommate!


That picture= hella jackd


125-135-140 on hsc- timing off a bit today.

8:27 rx on metcon. note to self- row harder :)

good times, noon class!


I have an extra full mattress (in good condition w/box) that I need to get rid off if you need one.

bozarth 4.2

Was near the end of my strength training when I noticed Carmen and Goodwillie in the noon class.. Naturally, I jumped in on the met con with them. 7:20rx. All pull ups dead hang (this got old after the first set).


Good MetCon... 7:35rx.


9:05 with 24kg, pull-ups were non-kipping so did a few ring rows in the set of 15. Good teaming with Sully, and a welcome back to general population for Brophy who needs a tour on where the 1st and 2nd pillar sprint touch lines are :)

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