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The Sauce/MYC

Anyone want a free queen sized mattress pad, memory foam, good condition, a few inches thick? Pick up close to the gym.

Budding Flower

What's the load count on that thing?


mattress from the sauce- barely used.

missed my conditioning class, sorry sheena- due to the universe conspiring against me including a concert with mucca pazza, a late night set at andy's jazz club and 7 am 4th grade band... had to take a nap.

great noon class, hour of power!

rx 14:50- all good until the last round when my quads hit the wall...


That was a fun one! I also couldn't get up for conditioning class...yet again!

15:55 at Rx.

Carmen and Duke killed this one!

The Sauce

It's not a mattress, it's a mattress PAD. To make your bed soft and comfy, like me after sushi.

Budding Flower - "Load" is a loaded word. There are many ways in which to answer that question.

Person load - 3 small, 2 medium/large
Load, as in times used - Not too many, as it was mostly for guests
My loads - nondisclosed information

Bobby Corro

Fun noon workout, Carmen is a beast.

~15:45 Rx - i do not remember the exact time


13:45 @ 75#
Good one to come back to after too much time away.
Cheston destroyed this workout with the 330 class


14:38 at 115# .. Lung buster.

Small Paul

Did this WOD yesterday @ RX.
Rd 1 - 1.14
Rd 2 - 1.15
Rd 3 - 1.20
Rd 4 - 1.20
Rd 5 - 1.15

Total Time - 12:10
Did the WOD with Ben and he was a beast.

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