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WCCFers- As of last night the Phillips Wildcats' game that was scheduled for this Saturday has been moved to this Friday at 4. I know a lot of you out there told me this past Thursday and Saturday that you were planning on swinging by the game so unfortunately there will be no game this Saturday. As far as I know the rest of the schedule is still intact.

The Sauce

Come see the Bears vs Jets tonight at Finley Dunne's and we will have all the fun.

3458 N. Lincoln.

I'll be there 7-11 ish. Like Salt N Peppa said.

Free kisses!


come for the wings, stay for the kisses! the sauce will be missed!

good times today-
hsc 125, 125, 135
pullups 10,8,6

rowing (ugh)
2:09, 2:19- yikes

anyone going to the conditioning class besides me tomorrow? :)

Mr. Feb

Carmen I usually go to the night conditioning class. Maybe one of these mornings I'll wake up in time for 6:30 am


Carm- there will be a GREAT crew at 6:30am tomorrow. Hard workers just like yourself. Luis, you'll love the company...hope to see you both there!


Sounds like a 100% day for tomorrow!


Hsc 115#, pull-ups 9,7,4. Row 1:46, 1:49.

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