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Dingo, do you have a schedule of your games you can put on here that would give us more headway to plan?


Started deadlift at 245#, then dropped down to 225# after the 6's, just felt gassed. 7:42 total time.


9/19 vs. Julian High School at Mandrake Park- Varsity 7pm
9/27 @ Brooks High School at Gately Stadium- Varsity 4pm
10/4 @ King High School at Gately Stadium- Varsity 12:45pm
10/10 @ Al Raby High School at Hanson Stadium- Varsity 7pm
10/17 vs. Urban Prep Bronzeville at Mandrake Park- Varsity 7pm

Most of the games are on the Southside. Sorry about that, the Lane Tech game was the easiest game for people to check out. Since beating Naperville North this past Saturday (41-7) we have since been ranked 25th in the states top 25 by the Sun Times. We are also ranked 3rd in our class 4A. We have a legit of winning the state tourney in 4a this year which has never been done by a city team. Come on out and support the Wildcats if you have the free time.

The Sauce/The Murda


In an effort to see some of you outside the gym for a spell before I am gone Chicago for good, I am going to watch *my* New York Jets take on your Chicago Bears this coming Monday Night at Finley Dunne's, 3458 N. Lincoln. Show up whenever, this goes out to anyone, no matter how much better you look during deadlifts than I do. Please come hang.

Also, I am selling two things before I leave. My Redline bike, which is in good shape: http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/bik/4670783745.html. I'll sell it for $200 to anyone who wants to give it a good home. Craigslisters will always talk you down, hence the price increase online. Also a Queen size memory foam mattress pad: http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/hsh/4670883691.html ($100)

See you Monday!


10:29Rx... my gymnastical skillz need some work.

Anyone interested in going to the Wildcats game this Friday (19th) or next Friday, I'd be happy to drive down south with group. I kinda have room for 6 people in my car (more like 4.5 jacked people).


Chetbo, I can prob do the 27th.


Today I learned Chet drives a Minivan.


I get nostalgic thinking about high school football games. I'd be down to go on the adventure on Saturday 9/27.


The 27th is a 4pm game, so we'd probably leave WCCF around 3pm. It's a 40min drive without traffic and about 55 with traffic. Let me know if that works for you guys!


7:55 at 185#, T2B were mostly legit.


I can do this friday. What time are you leaving WCCF?

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