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I love the conditioning class! That's all!

LT, you'll be missed! Best of luck to you and your family in Wisconsin!

the Sauce, myc

Friends of comedy,

I just wanted to remind you that this Saturday, August 2 will be an occasion. An occasion for our spirits to run free, for our souls to fly. It will be like completing 12 WOD's in one sitting that were all based on core work.

Of course I speak of Hush Hush Comedy this SATURDAY (Aug 2) featuring our very own Sam Martin. 8:30 PM at Fischman's Liquors & Tap, 4780 N. Milwaukee Ave. Craft brews shall abound. Plenty of other chicago comics on the menu. You've been waiting for this moment all your life. Oh Lord.

Christmas in July comes late this year. It comes August 2. Be there.


Conditioning crew worked their tails off this morning! Good job guys!


WOD #1: HSPU - modified to wide stance pike pushups - sets of 3 for the 5 minutes...probably around 30 total. Was fun to have Andre and Hooch over in the Tall People Corner. Also, I will now be referring to Sims as Quatro.

Metcon - 8:35. Broke DU into 25s and burpees into 10s

WOD #2: Conditioning Class
Got my butt kicked with the opening circuit (No Burpee pushups, Max Height Wall Balls, Grasshoppers) but LOVED IT. Need some more work on my 3-Cone Drill to the left...just feels weird.

Great day today at WCCF!!


Another great conditioning class. I am really starting to see improvements from it after a month. And thanks to Duchess for showing us that you can still do two-a-days even after high school and college.

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