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Push Press: 85/95/105 - should have gone for 110.

Row/Wall Ball: 10 wb, 11 wb
DoubleUnder: 70, 65
KB Swings: 25, 25

Solid wod today. Good energy at 5:30!!


PP 85/95/105...and yes Duchess and I could have done more.....

Row/WB: 7 + 8 had a hard time getting my legs under me.

DU: I was so excited to finally get these that I didn't count. But I did do about :30 straight without a whip mark! YES! Break my finger/hand and all of a sudden I become good at double unders

KB: 24, 26

Good stuff!


PP:145, 155, and 1@ 165

Row/WB: 10/10
DU: 55/60
KB Swing: 25/25

All RX.

Pump aka "The Control"

Tight tight buttocks region


"Sometimes we make bad life decisions...but as long as they make you jacked..." - Sam, 5:30 AM Explanation of Tight Shoulder

Small Paul

PP - 175, 175, 175x1
Row/WB - 15WB and 16WB
DU - Lost count but had 70 first round and 50 second
KB Swing - 25, 30


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