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For anyone who doesn't know... The intern is JACKED!!!

J. Marcis

Completely JACKED - and his real name is Nate


New JACKED city!

Good luck to all doing CF Open 13.1 today! WCCF Represent!!!

Peyton (OB)

Good luck to all the athletes competing over the next few weeks!

TOMORROW I am hosting a casual, educational and inspiring presentation with the organization Love146 to raise AWARENESS for child sex trafficking and exploitation. Please consider attending.

4011 North Ravenswood Ave (few doors down from WCCF)
wine and appetizers will be served

In October I traveled to Southeast Asia to work with children who are currently enslaved, children who are living in safe homes and children who have been reintegrated into society with the help of the organization Love146. But it is not just happening "over there."

This horrific issue cuts to the core of our hearts. I want to educate our community about this issue and how we can protect our children and children around the globe. The registration link is listed below.



Great energy in the box today! Awesome to see everyone out of their comfort zone.




Peyton, sorry gonna miss today. Up to my @&$@&)@ in sick kids. I have missed most WODS this week so not very happy. Thank I god for vodka. Pls keep in the loop bout this cause.

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