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meagles is so OG! welcome matt and ela!!

the open is upon us.....



The push ups were the easy part, the row is a row. I had issues with the HSPU, and had to kip the last 12, which I'm not happy about.

This'll be a fast one for some folks.



Modified the HSPUs

Thanks, Dole for the tips today!


Thanks for sticking around 6:30



The Sauce

WCCF does not cultivate new members. They spring forth fully formed from Meagles on a box, much like Athena from the head of Zeus.

Small Paul

Craigovich - any spots available for your fascia sessions this evening. 6/6:30/7?

Let me know.


For those of you uncertain about signing up for the CF Open workouts, let me give you me experience. Yes, I have done all the workouts since the Open format began in 2010. No, I did not finish all the components of some workouts (muscle ups- ugghhhh), but I was able to do enough to post a score in all of them. But my story is not about my experience doing the workouts.

In 2010, I was judging someone else's workout here at WCCF. She was very nervous going in because the workout had double unders and she did not have double unders. As I was judging her I got to witness her determination. She did the first round of snatches and proceeded to try the DU's. Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, then boom, she got her first DU! The look on her face was priceless but it was quickly replace by more determination. And a few fails later, boom, her second DU. And then her third.

This is what crossfit and the open workouts are all about. It is not about the likelihood you will make it to regionals or the games. It is about the joining the other 100,000+ people worldwide who are doing it just because trying is important.


20min and change. 1 abmat for the HSPU. Real slow going on the HSPU after the pushups.


Well said Gwen, I feel the same way about Karaoke. Which by the way will be going down in a big way this Saturday night at Trader Todds.


I totally had to reread that as "DU!" looks like "DUI" from a distance,

"Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, then boom, she got her first DUI"


Paul, I have a 7:30 open tonight.



PUs-2 min

I need to work on my kips.


4:26 on the HSPUs......way to slide that plug in there Dingo. Sorry to miss it, but I will out of town.

Small Paul

Craigovich - I will take that spot! See you tonight.

Kim (aka Mama Bear)

Hello WCCF!
It's been a long time since Bryce and I skipped town for Crested Butte, CO, and an even longer time since I posted here. CrossFit at 8,885 feet of elevation is humbling to say the least! So is opening up a new CF box! Big props out to J$ for being an incredible role model and for all of you that I had the pleasure of training with during my 4 years at WCCF. You have made me a better athlete and a better coach.

As we enter into the season of the Open, I'm thinking often of the power and energy that emanates out of WCCF -- from the big time competitors who will go on to Regionals, to the individuals who will compete for the first time and put it out there to challenge themselves in a way they never knew they could. All accomplishing BIG goals in the process.

WCCF will always hold a tender place in my heart, and I'll be cheering you all on from our little mountain town, where we squeeze in WODs between powder days on the extreme ski slopes. If you find your way to the mountains of Colorado, come on by and check us out at www.cbxfit.com

Cheers, and hooyah!

Banjo Mike

So this wod was real fun! ! HSPU killed me I was off the rower and done with push-ups in 6:30. Finished in 13:40! Fun times ,have a peaceful day!



My shoulders were grinding by number 14 of the HSPUs. Decided not to fail and break my nose.


11:34 Rx. Could have pushed a bit harder on the row and push ups. HSPU felt good.


Row kicked butt.
Push ups were harder than I thought.
4 kipped HSPU, then negatives the rest of the way. Weaned myself off of the bands and two mats, so that felt good.

p.s. - Welcome Sam!

Emily E/LRC

First time doing real (kipping, that is) HSPUs in a workout without modifications. Took forever, and they were all singles, but I did it!

Just Ben

11:58 Rx
Tough workout.

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