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Small Paul

Obviously a Thursday - I'm first on the board.
Anyway, great video by the MWOD guys on 13.2

Check it out!


Monday's WOD: 135/145/155 on Squat cleans. Watched RMG, Hugo, and JWoll knock out 13.2. Nice work fellas- you made it look easy.

Cheston Bogue

Any guesses on how awesome I'll do on 13.2? I plan on testing it out for everyone this afternoon. My only goal again is to beat Bob Harper... Totally crushed him on 13.1! This workout seems to favor his body type.


Cheston are we guessing your performance with or without the use of Assault? I'd say "with Assault" adds another 200 reps. At least.


7 rounds + 24 reps on 13.2

Thanks for the early morning folks who stuck around to cheer for me. I'm expecting to see some big numbers on this one.

I also love the Bob Harper feud. I heard Cheston asked for an autograph once and was snubbed and every since has tried to beat him on open WODS - sounds legit.


Give Bob Harper a break, his advanced age has probably caused him to forget how to pen his signature.


Cheston; pick on somebody your own age. Harper is all mine.
JWoll,RMG,Hugo; nice work. Any tips? Was there any one piece of the triplete that snuck up on you more than the others?


I did step-ups the whole time because my calves felt terrible, which slowed down the cycle time there but I was able to keep my heart rate fairly steady and just get right on the bar. My lower back started to tighten up around round 5, but I don't think there's anything you can do about that. RMG was starting his later box jump rounds with step ups and then switching to jumps after catching his breath which looked like a good strategy.


I've heard a lot of people recommending step ups to control heart rate and reduce added lower back stress. Allowing you to crush reps at the bar and reduce time wasted there.
Unless you are an athelete targeting 300+ and need the quick box jump reps, why box jump at all?

I'll be over around 330/4pm to do 13.2. Let's go!


mobility and strategy on 13.2...



If bob wears his Marty McFly Nikes / there is no stopping him in the box jumps.

I think the goal should always be to be Hornet or Nimmer


no no. i am just as advanced as bob. beating nimmer is a good goal.


Got 217 on 13.2... not quite JWoll.... Hopefully its enough to beat Bob. It's all about the box jump. My goal was to keep moving. I found that if I did step downs the first few reps of each set of box jumps I could catch my breath a bit and switch to a slight pause at top and pogo from the ground: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LISlkt1IiCU

Small Paul

Hornet - Way to post the same link as what I did...pfff



I'm looking for a few good strong men and women to do this Crossfit Football-style team competition with me on June 15. Let me know if interested.


Did 13.2 tonight. 255 reps which I'm content with (for now at least). I did step up / step down pretty much throughout. Thanks Hornet for judging, and thanks Collin, Jesse & intern for the push in the final minute. That definitely got me the extra 10 reps.

Have fun with this one, guys.

Super G

Congrats Kendra!

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