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Bradley D. Forbes

How many of you intentionally did not come into wccf yesterday because of the 2 mile run and why?


Brad, I could do the two mile run by myself on my own schedule and with my dog, so I decided to do that and not come in.

Brent M.

I was bummed I had to miss that one, but I guess it will be easy enough to make up.

Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

Good stuff Bradley...this is a great discussion opportunity. Let's hear from more people.

I would also like to officially name this air conditioning article: weak sauce. Blah, blah... I get the energy crisis. But how bout taking the time to add some heat management techniques to the end of the article instead of calling the world out for using AC?

Must have been a slow news day at the gawker....


Traffic on LSD made the decision for me. I choose to stay near home and do the run myself. Out of a globo gym to avoid getting stuck in traffic. It did refresh my "why I now dislike globo gym's since CF" attitude. But the scenery along the Museum Campus was a nice change.

My time was too pathetic to post in public. Running over 400m and I do not get along well.

Bradley D. Forbes

Keep the comments coming. Couple of corrections. 2 mile run for time is NOT LSD. LSD is long slow distance. I would say usually 45 mins or more of low intensity (long and slow). HR is steady and in zone 1ish. This helps to increase the oxidative capacity and production. 2 mile run for time or on your own (dont fool me) is neither long or slow. It's fast, short, and higher intensity. This is how well you can utilize oxygen


for me, it didn't really make sense to travel 40 min each way to run 12-13 min when i live right on the lake front run path. now if there was 100 pullup, 200 pushup and 300 airsquat between the 2 min. count me in.

i almost came in just to spite gumby!


Bradley, I think she was using LSD an place of Lake Shore Drive.

Bradley D. Forbes

You are right. I read too quickly.


lol bradley! if i were to run on LSD, it would be LSD.....eye candies galore.

bradley, if you really want to spice up the board, you should ask who came in to run and why?

Dee Monica

I almost didn't come in because anyone can go for a 2 mile run if they want to on their own. Why go somewhere you pay a good amount of money to do that? That was disappointing to see as the WOD. The only reason I came was to work on my pull ups after and some heavier kb work. I DID like that the new coach Craig had us build up on our front squats in the warm up as that is not something I can do at home or outside. And my time was a little better after we practiced a more efficient way to run.

Kim H (a.k.a. Mama Bear)

Great post on Nourished Kitchen today:
Cheater's guide to real food (or cooking clean on a budget with little time):

J. Marcis

Dee Monica - That IS why you pay good money to come here. Even on a day where the WOD is only a 2 mile run, you're still going to get coached, go through a specific warm-up, learn new tips and skills so that your run is more efficient, and have an opportunity to put that new knowledge to use.

Anyone can do a lot of the stuff we do on their own. You come here to learn and apply...and be part of the group. How many of you would of run just as hard on your own yesterday?


Best 2 mile run EVER!

When I saw that the WOD was a 2 mile run yesterday I was put off at first. I can do that any day. But there are things WCCF provides that I can't get on the Lakefront path with my iPod.

1. A WAY better warmup than I would have otherwise done on my own.
2. Watching Colin do front squats with chains and feeling small and insignificant. Wait. Can I take this one back?
3. The pressure of "competition" made it a significantly more intense run than I could have done on my own. My legs HURT after that effort! Hard to pull that off solo.
4. Meagles.
5. Hanging out and chatting with people post WOD. Especially Michael, who waxed me and threw down a 12:34 and Gary, who is a really cool guy.
6. The knowledge that there is forethought and significant effort that goes into designing the wccf program and the WODs. "Cherry Picking" the workouts leads to stagnation. Get in and go hard! People showing up regularly, irrespective of their opinion of the WOD, are making big gains in fitness. The girl who can both clean more than you and embarrass you in a two mile run isn't cherry picking the workouts.
7. Justin.

Brent M.

That's a great point J. None of the exercises we do here are revolutionary, most have been around for a hundred years or more. You become what you hang around, which at WCCF is people who are constantly pushing themselves to get better. It's not what you do, it's how you do it.


Babydaddy worked 6am to 7pm and my tiny overlord with the sniffles was not about to tolerate the CTA an hour each way and then continue to sit in her carseat while I ran. I am deeply concerned that if I left her in the box for 16 minutes I'd return to find her singing "Call me Maybe," wearing spandex booty shorts and playing flipcup.

The track three blocks from my house is lit until 11pm. It seemed like the smarter decision.




I think it's great that there was a 2 miler thrown in there. It's something that many people would shy away from doing on their own, as evidenced by how dead it was in the box yesterday, but its something that measures one of the many domains of fitness that we are all trying to achieve here.

One of the benefits of being a member at WCCF is having access to the wealth of knowledge that the coaches possess. The time Justin puts into programming (and that the other coaches put in to furthering their knowledge and understanding of fitness and energy systems etc), as opposed to throwing up workouts from the main site or slopping together random metcons that leave you heaving on the floor every day is something that is rare among many gyms in the area, and should not be over looked. Especially now, when anyone can go get their L1 cert and open a "crossfit" gym, the certifications, continued education and understanding that are encouraged at WCCF set the coaching staff apart from everyone else.

There's a method to the madness, and just because we don't go for PRs or do "Fran" every other day doesn't mean the workouts are pointless. One of the quickest and best ways to improve and become more well-rounded is by working on your weaknesses, which unsurprisingly are usually those movements or workouts that people do not enjoy.

I'm not by any means trying to knock people who didn't come in yesterday. It's hot, we all have lives outside of the gym, things come up when you can't make a day and I'm sure there were a handful of people who did do the run on their own(props to those people). But, I encourage everyone to embrace every workout the coaches throw at us, whether its one you are excited to do from the moment you see it, or one of the ones you dread, since its all part of J$'s plan to help us achieve world domination.



I came in because I wanted to see just how fast I could cover a distance of 10,560 ft.- simple as that. Plus, I knew I would have peers in my class that would push me to go way faster than I could on my own. (Thanks Tony)

Moreover, when I'm not travelling, I find it refreshing to have some rhythm and routine in my day. I feel like not coming to the box throws off that rhythm.


Bryce - http://gifs.gifbin.com/1233928590_citizen%20kane%20clapping.gif


i love it when couch speaks. wisdom from J. i think J deliberately post a 2 mile wod to stir up the comment board.


I came in to attempt the 2 mile because if I didn't show up, I wouldn't have done it at all.
On a side note, I only was able to do 1 mile running, but I did it in less than 12 minutes. I can now officially say I can run faster than walk a 1 mile - bonus, I got to pick on Hammer - that's just fun.


It's good that people are being honest. The coaching perspective is good. . It's good that the action is hot on the boards.

Another perspective: the 2 mile run is a test as much as Fran, maxing, standing triple jumping.

Another great day at WCCF!

J. Marcis = Phil Jackson

Dee Monica

Point taken Justin. Maybe that's secretly a part of why I made myself go. Hmmmm.....

Saucy so hotski

I always tell people I spend the bucks on crossfit because of the intensity and accountability. Secondarily, the expertise.

On a related note, I kind of wish more Tues workouts were like this because I feel burned out and sore going Mon, Tues, Wed in a row with the intensity of pullups, etc. Does anyone else feel that way? Maybe I'm doing too much weight?


I always get excited when I see a running only WOD posted to the board, albeit I am doing a strength program at the moment(gotta work my weaknesses). On run days at WCCF I always found running with other athletes - made me push myself harder, pacing techniques were improved, and it sure beat running a timed 2 mile alone.

When I walked in last night it was awesome to hear the times that Coach Craig was reading off. Shout out to T and Steve! People were racing each other down Ravenswood and it was motivating to watch.

Hammer and Bryce well said.


@Brad - no worries. And while I get the distinction between LSD and a 2mile for time run, traffic on the drive really made the call for me. If traffic had been normal, I would have been there.

Johnny Prima Donna

I'm going to jump in here and defend the WOD.

I HATE running. At no point in my life have I ever voluntarily said, hey, instead of lifting weights...I'm gonna do a 2 mile run for time.

With the WCCF environment, I showed up, ran, and kept a pace that I've never touched before. ( I do think I've run a mile in under 8:30 since high school ) Do that at home!


Johnny Prima Donna

that should read "don't think"**


my weakness is karen and 2k row. and kittens.

does brad have weakness?

nice work princess! at least you ran and not pull a hornet.


Anyone remember the O(ld)B(ox)? The 2 Mile Run WOD came around every 6 months or so. Kinda like a "Fuck You, you think you're in shape because you know how to do a kipping pullup now?" WOD.

Still disgusted by Justin relentlessy tracking me down every damn time. Yeah, that's right, coach used to work out with us mere mortals.

As for me, I made a poor decision to join a Tuesday night soccer league in the burbs, thus killing my Tuesday WODS. See you in the 100 degree heat on Thursday 2-miler.

Super G

Such great discussions on the board. I was not excited about the 2-mile run, but I am going to run the two miles on Thursday in 100 degree heat! I am excited to see if I can beat my time from the OPTathalon in April, which was 16:04. Anybody other than me and Koltse running?


Personal bias aside, I totally agree with Hammer's post. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes STILL question my husband's judgment, but never when it comes to WODs. He would probably never tell us this b/c he's modest...But I have no problem bragging about his expertise.

Not only does he have an academic background in physical movement and a life of personal experience as an athlete, but he dedicates all of his time to reading and researching the latest science in health, wellness and physical fitness. When you don't see him in the gym, it's not b/c on the beach sipping mai tais. It's b/c he's at our kitchen table combing through fitness articles, health and nutrition blogs and russian lifting workbooks from ions ago. He's helped many WCCF members reach new heights in fitness and health through his dedication and expertise. Personally, he's helped me accept that the WODs we hate most are the ones we need most to help us find balance in our physical or mental being.

All that to say, trust in J$ and the coaches at WCCF. They work hard, truly care and really do know what the heck they're doing.


Running is good for you. Doing what you dislike is also good for you. If, for whatever reason, you want more of what was dished out Tuesday, feel free to check out WCCF Endurance! Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30p. It's included in your membership, you can hop in any class (as in, it's not part of a series), we talk about running form, and you'll get to spend some quality time with WCCF classics such as Brenda, Husker, and Alt. If they aren't a sell, I don't know what is...

Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

Brad can't triple jump worth corn Hornet ;-)


I LOVED that A/C article. Mine isn't even installed. Not planning on it, either. Just sayin'.

And, running is good for you. I would have done it but the ACL is cramping my style. I also got lazy but that really was a secondary reason.

Bradley D. Forbes

Great action today! I was just curious to see reasons for not coming in as I noticed the gym was "quiet" yesterday. We all have different goals and that should be respected. With that being said, there are more similarities than not. The layout and the structure of the workouts are NOT just random and thoughtless crap. It takes a great deal of work to program and programming for the masses can be even harder than individual. Reason being that everyone has different strengths/weaknesses. Where do you start? If you want to progress quicker and maybe more appropriately, then DO individual. If you have issues that need attention and doing the main class isn't resolving them, the blame is not placed necessarily on the program, but maybe on cherry picking workouts, or lack of individual needs that can't be corrected by just doing the main class. Then again it all depends on your goals along with a proactive effort, hard work, and sacrifice to get there. Nobody succeeded without making a mistake first. I'm rambling on here. Anyway, to see results, which I believe is the reason most of us attend the gym, you need to have consistency. Getting results is systematic. Pieces of the puzzle that connect to each other in a consistent, gradual way to build the big picture. Analyzing and discussing the workouts are needed and should be done, but in the end... Don't question the program, just do it. No excuses.


Brad, you a fuckin nike commercial?


What Dynomite? Did we break another world record?


I drank the Endurance Kool-aid and have to admit that Meagles is sneaky but will help you get results. My climb and 5k times both improved and I was able to pace out my bootcamp sessions better. Don't let her fool you into playing a card game in between sets though....SHE CHEATS!


World domination. That's why I came in yesterday.


And I had the fastest mile split I've ran in 3 years.


Today I learned that Justin doesn't actually live and sleep at the gym.


Back squat- 225/275/285
DU/TTB/200- Just shy of 6 full rounds


Been having quite shitty days as of late. Lots of travel and a weekend in Vegas makes my excuse list. Then I look at that list and realize that is why I have been feeling shitty. I've hated running since I got out of the Army because I allowed myself to.

Today I was about ready to pop and even with my mind so far up my own ass and getting on the wrong El, I got in today and felt at home. Seeing Gumby sporting his scars, Brenda not giving a phuck , Tings throwing some weight, and everyone else putting in the work, made me feel at home. Hammer was the first I saw walking up today and I, wait for it, felt at home.

Craig, LOVE your classes and it's by no accident I got you today.

Because I can, I'm running tomorrow. Because I love my home, I'm gonna get my ass kicked and love it. Because I'm JBomb, I will probably have to poop in mile 1.

Thank you WCCF family for being the reason the ladies respect the Swagger again.



JBomb your inspirational post makes me think of one thing and one thing only... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ7ZpLgkVxA

For those of you wondering why I only respond or post with pictures, videos or gifs it is because I am completely incapable of forming my own thought or opinion...so ya know... http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0upyb5KES1rqfhi2o1_400.gif


welcome home jbomb!

3rm bs: 225/235/245. not sure if this was my 3rm. this rice rocket probably got more.

metcon: just shy of 6 as well. was neck to neck with peaches. but he was leading into round 5. and a clear winner in the end. nice job 6pm class!

Dee Monica

I know I don't get to involved on the board, but being on it today and many recent people and wods makes me feel some sadness that I'll be leaving for Dallas at the end of September..,,,, I hope the cf gym I join there is almost as awesome.

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