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Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal


Two mile run... I LIKE IT J$. Way to get em out of the box.

Let's see some results on the board people!

Dole: please use exact timing!

Hornet: U won't participate in this work out I am sure.

Pri: Don't participate in this workout.

Let's get some action on the boards...

Collin, nimmer: Utube links please
Bozarth: nutrition, follow up to track dispute
Pri: more obnoxious than me
Bradley Forbes: Random thoughts
Dingo: Wildcard
JBomb: Are u in town!?
J$: subtle approval of all of the action
Drew: One for old time sake?
BC: Are u there?
Brenda: Cuz I mentioned BC :-)

Look alive people


you are correct my friend. no 2 miles run today.

Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

Bozarth and Gwen: http://espn.go.com/olympics/summer/2012/trackandfield/story/_/id/8096778/allyson-felix-jeneba-tarmoh-make-decision-200

I am sure u saw this by now. They are gonna hold off til after the 200m, which makes sense.

Jsick and I went through this once when we were sprinting behind the building. I waxed him in the run off. Nimmer faked an injury.

Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

Hornet: If your not first... ur last.


Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

Oh I missed one:

Hammer: will not post but will text me multiple times with approval of my Tuesday morning posting blitz.

One last thought for the morning: Whoever said the athlete who performs quietly and leads by example is full of sod. I like the athlete who let's it fly and walks it ie: Mohammed Ali....

Carl Lewis -
One more time Doogie!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jamJ4-C_TME

Damn that's good coffee!


Thor! you are a one man show eh! Fist bump bro!


I feel compelled to point out that in your post of "If your not first... ur last," you used two spellings of "you're," and both were incorrect.

Further more "Utube"? Really?

Lastly, yes I should pay attention to my times. By the time I remember to post it, I've only got about two of the four numbers left.

whore net

when it comes to english sarcasm, alls i can remember is dingo saying to drew....you looser!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w-58hQ9dLk&feature=player_embedded this needs audio don't got it, don't watch it.
much luv TD/G/NU/T/CoTT


Also I'm going to attribute the lack of board posts from people to how hard those captchas are to read. Honestly I have to scroll throw like ten of them before I find one that I can understand.


Hornet = lame.

Tall Dave - you asked for it...and now you have a headache... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRnSHbCzigg&feature=player_embedded


Coko = no rep


The action is hot on the boards .. All good points and good posts!

Nimmer +1 for j park


Gumby, BC won't comment as he took one look at the wod and shut the browser down


I wanna hear the awesome PRs from the Strength Camp peeps!

Nims - I'm with you bro, the captcha is the love child of heiroglyphics and multi-variable advanced statistics condensed within one inch.


yo soy aqui pero no me gusta correr. Muy Malo

Tambien, a Sr. Collin, video increible. Muchas Gracias

Coach Cori

I hope the Strength Campers don't mind me sharing, but I will let the rest of the gym in on our PR's this morning at 6am in the backsquat (in kilograms - for conversion to lbs, multiply by 2.2046).

Carmen - 96
KMix - 94
Corro - 125
Hardy - 108
Anja - 125
Nelson - 125
Ram - 87
Jenny - 62

OMG! Can I just say that I had NO IDEA these types of numbers would come out of SC. I knew these people were strong, but holy hell. I am so proud! We test our deadlift and bench press on Thursday so wish them well! They have done a fantastic job so far!


How I imagine BC feels about today's workout...


Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

"I ain't trying to be good at the two mile"

Consequently, this is one of the events in the OPTathlon. So ack rite and get ur sack right.


Congrats to the strength campers! Really impressive numbers all around!


12:16. And yes i did cheat by drafting off of Tony for 1.8 miles, leaving me enough in the tank to kick at the end.

Johnny Prima Donna



Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

Peaches... I love it! Pri... a real man.

I ran this in 11:27. Not bad for being out of shape.

J. Marcis

Congrats to all the strength campers...PRs all around!

And...kudos to all who showed up for the 2 mile run today. As a great coach (Meagles) once said..."ya gotta eat your vegetables!"

Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

J$... we love ur voice... we love ur musk.

Also, .... I didn't run the 2 mile. That was a lie.


Gumby.. the only thing I have to add is.. MORE RAW MEAT!
Oh.. and Dole is annoying.

Holy crap Anja.. WOW.

J. Marcis

#1: I love Koltse
#2: I never beat Koltse in a 2 mile run - did everything I could just to hang with him
#3: Can't wait for Nick the Greek to make up this run on Thursday. Hi Nicky, I know you're out there.

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