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boom! i love snatch PRs day!

looks like an awesome friday wod! i want it J$!

Tall Dave/ Gumby/ Numero Uno/THOR/ Captain of Team Teal

Let's see some numbers up on the board today people... don't be afraid to convert to kilos either!

U gotta want it!

(Hornet: accurate reporting only please... no inflation)





Working with Craig to improve was informative.

Clean: 165lb or something, he helped me with shoulder position and consistancy with movement.

OHS: 175lb or so, helped with my knees.

M/U: 10? 12? Or so? Strict.


This looks like my kind of workout! Now if I could just find my Oly shoes...


I love how Dole pretends he doesn't know exactly how much weight is on the bar.

"210...220...whatever it takes..."


hey guys.
you probably don't remember me anymore up there at the "big house".
my name is lucas, i am from crossfit 312.
i used to workout up there back in the day, not an OG like regs, corey, cal, and those kidds.
anyway, was wondering if anyone had any information on a possible games ticket for sale?
we have a group going and dropped the ball on the tickets.
hope all is well.
email: lucas@crossfit312.com


OHS = 205

Coach Cori

Who is Hulk and why did you think you could write your name up on the Oly boards? Protocol reminder: your lift must be witnessed and e-mailed to me. Thx!


I'm with Tall Dave...post your stats up on the boards WCCFers. The more numbers up the better.


For Koltse:
175 squat clean
115 OHS

I echo Dole's comments on the value of working with Craig on form today. Both with the lifts and on muscle-ups/HSPUs.

Bruce Banner

squat clean 215 pr
ohs 195 pr

mu/hspu 22

I bet my alter ego can do more. someone please make me angry.


Cori were you @ core power yoga today at the Noon course in Roscoe Village?


squat clean - 215
OHS - 165
both PRs and I didn't hurt anything this time - yay!
p.s. - modified MU 10/hspu - 16


squat clean - 245lbs
OHS - 165

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