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Is LC a brunette? Who cut off all of her hair?


Yes, and hair is still all there!

the donger

Ohhh, sexy girlfriend!... Bonzai!


Thanks to all of the folks that stopped by the games this Saturday. We had a big win and play our first game of the State playoffs this Friday night.


Of course Artie is there.....



Early AM
Brett 155
Gallagher 85
Courtney 95
Diane 90
Operation 315
Burke 175
Walker 155
Collin - indiv
Peaches 275
Ferrari 215
Bina 125
Katie 150
Billy 195
Goodwillie -

EBomb 65
Natalia 115

Susanna 55
Tanya 75
Anne 65
Bridgid - indiv
Vernon 195

Joe C 225
Gary 155
Nelson 165
Leah Bear 115
CJ 75
Banjo Mike 215

Great work this morning WCCF!!!!!


There used to be this guy named Brad that would show up and sit on the little blue chair every once in a while, has he been misplaced or did he find a different little blue chair?


At first I thought Brenda's post was going to be a poem about Brad, in the same vain as "There once was a guy from Nantucket..."



Slosher 245
Orwat 195
Elvis 155
Jay 255
Dasi 105
Juan 185
Big Vin
Chelsea 140
Laura 60
Norman 115
DeeMonica - indiv
Shelby 140
Jacob - indiv
Giselle Garcia 125
Eric Hatfield 305

Solid noon crew today : )

Big Bertha from Little Moscow

Shaggywillis makes an appearance....nice.


I once knew a guy named Brad
He liked to be naughty and bad
Some say he was rude
and borderline crude
I laughed and thought he was rad


Attention WCCF Parents!

We will be starting another 6 week session next week with the following schedule: (Please note, we do need a minimum of 3 kids signed up to make sure the class will happen. You can see how many I have confirmed as of today next to the class times below)

4-9 Year Old Class: (this is a 1 day a week class, you can sign up for either day)

Mondays @ 3:45-4:30pm (2 kids, need 1 more to confirm)
Wednesdays @ 3:45-4:30pm (2 kids, need 1 more to confirm)

10-14 Year Old Class: (this is a 2 day a week class)

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 4-5pm (1 kid, need 2 more to confirm)

You can also see the schedule and register here:


Registration deadline is this Wednesday. Please pass this info on to anyone who might be interested. And for questions, send them my way.

Brad F

Are you missing me Brenda!? Sweet Poem. Things will be back to normal next week. I've been coming in earlier lately. And yes, I still sit in that little blue chair each time I come in.

hornet sb

i heart shaggywillis



Sheridan 165
Ricci 85
Pacman 185
Pett 185
Yacu 215
Jess 100
Miles 175
Yak 165
Jbomb 215
Kmix 135
Babymaker 175
Ana 100
Su 100
Eric 175
The Dane 165
Jaime 155
Gman 245
Reid 335
Kirk 245
Mindy 105
Moran 155
Kattelus 155


Dave B 225 (front squat)
Lance 185
D 275
Casey 155
Nardi 275
Limburg 225
Machete 55
Sue 135
Kerrye 90
Houlne 185
Kapone 45
Shorty 55
K 90
Coop 175
Manion 185
Eko 115
Marty 185
Beth 45
Aryn 185

Radar 175
Harper 175
Dorito 105
Erika 55
Craig 215
Matty 175
Ravi 165
Jo 105
Sleepy 175
Sheazo 185
J wol 245
Jenny G 85

Getting stronger!!!



1. Arduino: http://www.arduino.cc/

2. Arduino timing: http://www.arcfn.com/2009/07/secrets-of-arduino-pwm.html

3. Other microcontrollers and modules that you could/should look up: xbee, zigbee, freeduino and one I think called PicMicro.

4. Arduino laser harp instructions:

5. Makezine.com has some good Arduino tutorials.

I actually think the laser harp is applicable. If you can write the timing method but use the beam interruption as a trigger, you've got a timer. I guess I should be joking, but I'm not.

Zigbee makes some wireless and RF. I suppose this could be applicatble because for a timer it would seem you need two modules: one to trigger the start of the timer and another to receive the instruction that the timing has started so that it knows to stop the timing. RF could work well for this.

More later, only had a minute to dig things up. Arduino and its various flavors are the right place to start. Tons of projects to sample/model.

I think the holy grail is to find a microcontroller that can be connected to a smartphone (USB). I realize this is a much bigger project, but think of the applications!


Dillon- Indiv.
Dwight- Indiv.
Alt 110
Tabasco 90
Handsome 145
Frank M. 210
Amanda 100
The American 155
Dan Allen
Corinne 65
Reg- Indiv.

Corey- Indiv.
Kubie 185
Hornet 195
Dole 195
Much 205
Thriller 195
Paulina 135
Meredith 70
Myrold 225
Dyno 205
Phil- Indiv.
BC 255
Bryant 135
Husker 255
Barry 135

Kip 195
Baskin 85
Paco 165
Leesh 85
Brenda 175
Chef 195
Brent M. 225
T. 80
Dage- Indiv.

Randall --
Julie 75
Koltse 245
Juice 195
Vargas 275
Catherine 165
Jesse 225

Ingrid 85
Duke 165
PK 245
Wingman 95
Houlihan 225
Anthony 155
LT 85
DK 245
Troy Moliter (OR) 95
Finch 155

Great work at WCCF! Way to start the week gang.

Big Bertha from Little Moscow


Doogie 106/140
Nick The Greek 81/135
Gumby 63/95
Anja 33/80
Chamberlin 45/57
Nelson 55/95
Hammer 45/75
Holly 35/61
Jen ----
The Mechanic 52/85

Jaysick 100/---
KMart 70/105
Swan ---/95
Corro 74/102
Bean 40/66
KSwan 30/61
Maggie 37/61
K10 38/69

Woah! We had some big changes to the leaderboards tonight! Great lifting, keep it up this week...


And here is an actual Arduino timer:

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