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Oh my aching arms...Fran you little biatch...


Because I am still in a Fran state of mind (I have to do it on Saturday for individual training), I looked up the last time we did Fran (10/28/09 for those who are interested). I just wanted to point out that Mo beat her last Fran time by 2:07 and she sure as heck wasn't preggers last time around. Amazing job Mo!!


Does anyone have access to a projector that they wouldn't mind sharing for my nutrition presentation on Saturday? I have a Macbook Pro so something compatible with that would be awesome... Thanks so much!

sheena at windycitycrossfit dot com

Kim H

Dingo –
A long time ago Ashley posted your Porchetta recipe. Although I love to cook, the recipe intimidated me. Well, I just finally tried it last night with a stuffing of sautéed red pepper, garlic, spinach, olives and feta. I wrapped the stuffed tenderloin in bacon, tied it up and browned it in a pan before popping it in the oven, and BAM!! The taste and visual appeal were outstanding and it turned out to be significantly less work than I expected. You have inspired me to test out some other filling variations in the future, and it’s me new go-to recipe to impress family members and guests alike. Thanks!

For anyone who has not yet tried the WCCF recipes, you’re seriously missing out. Nearly all our family favorites have been replaced with these awesome recipes, and the whole family is nearly paleo as a result (at least at dinner time).



Kim H

Early AM
Steve B - INDIV
Meg 399
*Carissa 434
*Swan 475
Jacob - INDIV
*Palmer 332
*Brock 496
J.Rich - INDIV
*J Wol 538
Lish 370
*Brady 292
Nadine 302
*Pogo 558
*Collin 631

*Otis 643
*Andres 376
*Pam -
Peyton - INDIV

*Dangerous 491
Phil - INDIV
*Sayre 462
Najmi 361
*Super Tall Dave 453
Leslie 367
Tanya 309
*Goodwillie 537
*Pat 608
Vicki 457

Ketchup 416
*Tom M 472
*Laney 439
CJ 410
*Vernon 549
*Denise 376

Great little Fran recovery workout! ; ) Nice job this morning crew!


I LOVE the addition of WCCF Endurance to our box! As a semi-retired, casual distance runner, I am SUPER excited to see programming that expands the domains in which we train athletes and that appeals to athletes with endurance goals. Meagles, I have no doubt you are going to be a stellar leader for this group! Can't wait to check it out!

I should also publically issue the same praise for Sheena and the nutrional focus and knowledge she has added to WCCF. It is fantastic to have coaches with such a holistic mindset of fitness and health.

Two steps closer to world domination...


Found a projector! Thanks Anja! And thank you Allison for your kind words. World domination is fun...

Harper Lee

I am missing these stellar book reviews, it has been a while since the last one. When can I expect the next one Doogie?



Tyrell* 674
Marcela 277
Calhoun* 605
Blutter 320
Elvis* 310
Anja 444

Great work today gang!


I second everything Allison stated!



Does that mean you want to be our 12th runner for our Madison to Chicago relay in June?? We have a team of 11 so far and are looking for our last runner! Email me at kajebetke at gmail dot com...no pressure though :)


Not only did Mo and Jess kick Fran's butt, but they kicked their husband's butts in the process.

Now everyone knows why I wear pajamas to the gym...Mo doesn't let me wear the pants.


Drew, stop making this about you.


drew: lol!


Everyone - thank you for your shout-outs both online and in the box! Your words of encouragement really help so keep them comin' as the last few weeks are certainly going to be the toughest!

I have to give credit where credit is due: J$ got me arse into shape so I have the strength and determination to even do these workouts now!

Thanks to all the Pregger Xfitters(Lauren, Shannon, Jill, Kris, Jess - other's i'm missing)for leading the way on kicking a$$...i'm just trying to keep up with the pack!

Yas - you are going to KILL Fran! ;-)
Husbands - stop making excuses and grow a pair! ;-)

Gwen C

I think anyone doing a workout for 2 should get two stars if they do it Rx!

Very nice work ladies!


DITTO to comments by Hornet and Gwen C!


I wanted to echo Mo and say thank you so much for all the shout outs and encouragement in the gym. I have been trying to keep up with Mo since I started and what can I say....she's an animal and kicked Fran's ass yesterday! Way to go on killing your old Fran time while being prego! If it wasn't for Mo and Drew, I wouldn't even being doing crossfit and if it wasn't for all the GREAT coaching, I wouldn't be in the best shape of my life! I love you WCCF!



*Sheena 516
*Myrold 457
*Mittle 344
*Dwight 542
*Sully 455
Nancy 360
*Jaime 473
Dillon- individual
Jamie 416


*Dole 508
K2 383
*Ross 566
Amanda 432
*Dage 526


*Babymaker 395
*Reid 478
*Claris 535
*Nathan 496
*Nelson 506
*Vince 651
*Bill 605
*Brad 790
*Kyle 672
*Joel 697
*Newman 595
*Nuf 473
*Kirk 630


Brenda 477
Diane 364
*Geoff 454
*Manion 471
Lindsay 448
*Gman 576
J Rob 307
*Hudetz 466
*Matlas 690
*Fish 351
Patience 377
Kerrye 404
Jess 400
*Danger 519
*Susan 449
*Meagles 544
Tingwall- individual


*Tony V 528
Abi 348
Sophie 319
Yacu 447
Shelley 402
*Mo 455
*Drew 613
*Houlne 425
McHale 345
*Big Vin 565


*Brad N 401
Molly 374
Jonina 416
*Tall Dave 587
*Slater 518
*Banjo Mike 507
Samir 297
*Bean 402
Tracey 362
*Corro 528
*Casey 541
*Nathan 396
*MJ 496
Cal- individual
Dingo- individual


*Soup 457
*DW 436
Kate K
Anu 382
Tony M 364
*LK 478

Great turnout after Fran!!!


Oly Athletes:

Jenny G.

Nice night in the Oly room!


Who was that "Molly" girl in the 6:30 class?


Hallie 276
Johanna 531
*Danny 502
*DK 603
*PK 486
Sandeep 405
*Corrigan 471
*Anthony 466
*Steve D. 470
Morrisey 385
*KMart 382
*Finch 425

Tonight's Highlights: Steve D's aggressive, efficient row; Johanna's rock solid box jumps; and Finch's "do-or-die" attitude.


Meagles you forgot the Duck Duck Goose game.

Kim I am glad you liked to recipe.


Brad - 790?? Between Fran and today's workout...holy crap batman!

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