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Tall Dave

Anyone have a local eye doctor they feel good about? Appreciate the recommendation.. please email within... davidmichaelkelley@yahoo.com

J. Marcis

Nobody's posted yet? C'mon! It's Fran day. Fire it up. Today is the day that PR's are broken and memories (good ones) are made. Let's go!!

Posted by: Regs | April 30, 2008 at 08:11 AM


i can't wait to see the results at the end of the day. any taker on sub 3 fran?


This is one of the first times I've woken up, looked at the WOD on my phone and muttered "Goddamn it, Justin"

Shameless Plug Turts

What's up WCCF. Have fun with Fran today. As Justin said, via Regs, this is the ultimate benchmark, where memories are made, even if they are painful.

On a side note, a friend of mine (yes, he CrossFits) and I started a design company and one of the things we are doing is athletic apparel and CrossFit schwag. Our first T-Shirt is very appropriate for today, you can check it out here...


It comes in black and purple, is printed on American Apparel, and we have plenty of sizes. If you guys order enough of them, maybe I'll deliver them in person.

Now go and DO WORK and set some new FRAN PRs.

doogie &=================================}

I remember April 30th 2008 Fran day. My first Fran day. I did not know what to expect. I was nervous, but very excited to test myself. Fran was all I could think about at work. When the time finally arrived to begin Fran I held on tight and did not let her buck me off. The workout was over before I knew it and I had a big smile on my face after laying down on the ground for 10 minutes. I cannot wait to see how much Fran ass everyone spanks today!

Bonus: if anyone can figure out my time for the day.


UNBROKEN, UNBROKEN, UNBROKEN...keep that mantra in mind. (something I'm still working on for FRAN)

Good one for the lungs at 6:45am! Thanks WCCF


Well, "Doogie" it would take someone who knows your real name to guess the bonus and luckily I know you pretty well. Sorry to spoil the fun but
5:49, zing!


doogie &========================================}

Nick the Greek posted on April 30th.



reading posts from 04.30.08 is like traveling back in time... i had no idea cal posted so much. looked like it was a day of the OG.



Early AM
Peggy 6:42
*Strooch 6:16
Courtney 7:22
Carissa 9:01
Meg 7:39
*Pat 6:20
Swan 6:41
Walker 5:48
LK 6:58
*Collin 4:06
*J Wol 5:27
Houdek 9:06
*Kevin 7:41
Bina 7:05
*Lori 9:41
*AAA 6:23
*Otis 6:05
Puran 11:20
Steve B - INDIV
Jacob - INDIV

*Andres 9:52
Franzen 7:01
Sayre 9:20
Tanya 10:08
Pam 10:15
Bozarth - INDIV

Leslie 8:49
Abby 8:34
Anne 7:33
*Laney 9:46
*Bryant 4:31
CJ 7:35
Ketchup 9:23
Jacquie 9:06
*Sheena 4:14

Carmen - INDIV
Colleen - INDIV
Super Tall Dave 9:41
Najmi 10:10
*Tom M 9:39
Big Vin 6:08
Gary 10:02
Hallie 9:20
Ellee - INDIV
Susan - INDIV
Chelsea - INDIV

What a morning! Can't wait to see how the rest of the day unfolds. Nice job crew!!!!


Congrats to Jack Regs for a PR on Fran today...great work buddy

Steve B

I love reading the old posts! I still remember 4/30/2008 like it was yesterday...that's the impression that Fran leaves on you. Good luck today everyone!


Today was my first day back at WCCF after completing On Ramp THREE WEEKS AGO and it was Fran...

I'll be in an ice bath the rest of the day if anyone needs me.


Great time Sheena! Way to kill Fran! Boom. (That is my warrior gene coming out)


The ultimate benchmark that I hope to do pull-ups as Rx in 6 months and improve my time. Nice to do the thrusters as Rx though.

Kyle Ee OB

If I had boots on, I would be shaking in them.

Kyle Ee OB

Just looked up my Fran PR. Nothing. After 3 years of CrossFit, I'm proud to say I've always avoided Fran.

Big day.


I have to disagree with Turts saying Fran is the ultimate bench mark. In my opinion I would have to say King Kong stands alone as the ultimate bench mark. Fran is a close second. The boards in the good old days used to be a vast waste-land of s$%t talking, positive reinforcement, and sex appeal. Every now and again movie quotes would appear from out of nowhere. Go figure. Ah yes. I remember it like it was yesterday.


Fran (1985) The story of a naughty welfare mother caught between her insatiable desire for men and her need to love and care for her destitute children. Made in Australia. No longer distributed.

Genres: Drama
Running Time: 1 hr. 34 min.
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Barron Films Productions, Nilsen Premier


Way to rock it, Sheena!


+ dingo you suck... but good job keep it up... ::sexy wink::


Hey I am mentioned in the article today in the caption under the picture. The fire is spreading, Dingo is catching on.



Nat 5:40
Jean 9:38
Kim H.* 6:44
Coco 7:31
Miles* 8:02
Kalish* 7:10
Max* 9:12
Cutler* 4:37
Tyrell* 5:11
Mittle 8:24

Awesome work noon crew!

Ray Jackson

Ok! USA!



Nothing like going through the rest of the day with the taste of blood in the back of your throat...love me some Fran!

Great job AM & Noon crews, can't wait to see the PM squads crush it. Good luck everyone!


BOOM Sheena! BOOM Tyrell! BOOM Kim H! BOOM COllin! BOOM AOM Miles!

In the words of Lisa Wallace, sounds like a "super fucking fantastic" day at WCCF. Can't wait to watch some of y'all crush it tonight!

Super Tall Dave

Fran......I love to hate you! I will conquer you as prescribed in the near future...I got the thruster weight down...almost got the pull ups. Till next time......


Mr. Pukey was hanging out in the bathroom at WCCF today and really wanted to meet me. Hopefully he doesn't harass any of you this afternoon or evening.


Kyle, like you, I have managed to duck and dodge Fran for the last two years. However, as my comparatively rookie status shows, I made the mistake of admitting to J$ how few named WODs I have done and included Fran in the list... somehow I feel like today is my fault. That might be due to the fact that J$ purposefully strode up to me yesterday specifically to say how big a day tomorrow was going to be.


Sub 2 min Fran for inspiration.



Sadly, little Fran will have to wait until Thursday for me to puke on her.



*Paulus 3:57
LT 7:08
*Myrold 9:23
Blutter 5:02
*Sully 7:07
*Ross 5:28
Sandy 7:37
Alain 8:21
Hudetz 8:03
Hornet- individual
Ocho- Individual


*Dole 6:07
Bonges 8:20
*K 6:14
K2 4:29
*DW 13:12
Jill 7:12
Babymaker 6:41
Goodwillie 6:28
*Dage 5:21
Corey - individual


Mchale 8:24
Sotir 6:30
Morrissey 6:20
*Claris 8:27
*Orwat 9:18
Nelson 5:53
Eric 8:20
*Reid 7:01
*Vince 2:27
*Brad 2:26
*Schmiggy 9:41
Jamie 6:14
*Kirk 5:06


Chamberlin 9:16
Lindsey 6:00
Lichtenfeld 6:36
Manion 10:50
MN 14:42
Brenda 9:40
Katie 6:07
Jess 6:23
Susan T 7:42
*Lilly 9:28
*Emily 4:46
Yacu 6:41
*Egan 4:44
Kerrye 6:10
*Houlne 7:52
*Vargas 4:28
Nimmer- individual
Col Hoo Hoo- individual


Weldon 7:35
*Jesse 4:47
Hipp 5:58
Brown 7:37
Ashley 7:48
Dasi 8:57
Slater 5:33
Anja 6:52
Holly 8:42
Jonina 6:06
Lisa W 8:26
Wallace 10:16
*Joel 3:53
Paco 7:45
Kendra 5:52
*Snusz 4:47
*Bill 5:15
Martin 8:02


*Meagles 5:31
*Operation 6:32
*MJ 6:34
*Brad N 8:02
*Banjo Mike 6:20
*Corro 6:51
T 9:18
Nyhan 6:02
Diane 5:31
*Drew 7:52
*Mo 6:23
Yaz - individual
Dingo- individual
Leesh- individual


J.Po 11:02
*Jeneral 7:49
Tracey 8:45
Anu 11:33
*Danny 6:39
Corrigan 9:02
Mac 12:03
Doreen 8:19


7:00- MK

Happy Fran Day!!! Great Job in here....


Momma Mo and Momma Jess you are two grown ass women and freaks great job!!! Ashley thank you for doin those couple of extra reps and holding true to the standards !!!!!


A few thoughts on the evening.....

1. Lisa, thank you for being my partner and counting and sorry I miscounted on your first set of kips, I owe you.

2. I was lucky enough to watch two awesome pregnant WCCF ladies this evening do an amazing job at Fran; Jess and Mo (hey ya'll it me Mo). You are both so awesome to watch and such great athletes.

3. Coach "Don't Count" Vince - Thank you for cheering and screaming for me this evening. Though I had to do a few extra pull ups, I know in the end you are pushing me to be better and I love it.

This is what WCCF is about. Now where is my beer?


Forgot to sign in!

BOOM to Mo and Jess! That's inspirational, folks. And well done everyone! Love big days like today :-)


Judy 5:53
Sandeep 6:40
*DK 3:38
JWhite 7:34
Krang 7:49
Anthony 7:45
Sack 8:13
Johanna 7:05
Hoolihan 7:14

Tonight's Highlights: watching Fran walk away weeping after WCCF b*t€h slapped her all day. Well done, athletes; well done.


Way to kill it tonight WCCF! We've got some seriously strong ass men and women (pregnant!) walking around. And thanks to everyone who convinced me to go Rx tonight. I'm still light-headed, but I love you guys!


Ashley, I have very questionable counting skills. It is entirely possible that I was counting down, thought that zero was entirely too far from six and just decided to start counting back up to ten. If that was not the case, extra reps are like green veggies and hopefully they made Coach Sheena proud. Way to battle through those bad-ass rips!



Amazing efforts tonight everyone. I believe those are the first 2 sub 3 minute Fran times WCCF has ever seen. Brad and Vince you guys are sick. Mo and Jess you guys laid done an amazing performance. You should be so proud of yourself. WCCF you all should be so proud of all of your efforts Fran is no joke and you gave it your all tonight.


I know I have done Fran once. I can't seem to find my old scores in Hornet's 2 links. Oh well. Both times listed I was doing individual. I remember doing it at the second box. Oh well

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