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Somebody didn't put his or her weights away! Tsk, tsk!


Who would do such a thing!? Sorry Coach Will...


Pain doesnt hurt when you're "the cooler" at a rough ass roadhouse.


All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it's absolutely necessary. And three, be nice.


Dalton, what if he calls you a combination of two nouns?


Dole, I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice.


Dole, I want you to be nice. Ask him to walk. Be nice. If he won't walk, walk him. But be nice. If you can't walk him, one of the others will help you, and you'll both be nice. I want you to remember that it's a job. It's nothing personal.

Kim H

I'm a couple days late, but regarding your post on education, check out DePaul too. They used to have a program that was specifically a masters in education for non-education undergrads. As far as I know, it's still around. You may also want to talk with Dingo, as he recently changed careers into teaching.

Kim H

Since there will be no SealFit this Saturday, several of us are planning to do the 9am team WOD tomorrow, then follow up with some Sealfit-type work afterward for about 30 minutes. All are welcome to join.


Results - morning crew

Kim H

Early AM
X 9:49
Lori 27:42
Jacob - INDIV
LT 12:01
Palmer 18:22
*Collin 37:52
*Swan 29:13
Lish 13:52
Meg 13:10

*Franzen 18:21
Dangerous 17:02
*Bryant 11:31
Steve B. - INDIV

Banjo Mike 11:48
Phil - INDIV
Inga 7:58
Ketchup 7:42
Laney 11:32
Pat 14:13
Big Vin 12:24
Najmi 8:06
Super Tall Dave 10:15
Susan - INDIV

Tom M 13:53
Goodwillie 15:35
laura 12:29
Vicki 10:02
Sayre 14:38
Ellee - INDIV
Peyton - INDIV
Carmen - INDIV

Great work this morning athletes! Finally, a named workout to complain about that's NOT named after a chick.


Sweet shorts Will.


Should not have done bench yesterday.

steve b

Cutler, take my approach and bench everyday...that way your never sore =)


Drew- I found your nude ball sack on the floor today. I'm pretty sure there is burpee penalty that needs to be enforced for this situation...its awkward for everyone:)


Isn't the emotional trauma of losing a nude ball sack penalty enough??

J. Marcis

Results: NOON CREW
Shawn 13:36
Blutter --
*Tyrell 31:04
Gary 19:23
Elvis 18:22
*Cutler 29:02
Jaime 14:49
Abby 16:04
Mo 16:38

Way to push WCCF!


Thanks Sheena! Although, I think we can all agree that Mo should have to do the penalty burpees since my balls must have fallen out of her purse.


Is that where Mo keeps your balls? I have heard about wives keeping their husbands' balls in a jar but I guess Mo likes to carry yours around...


11.31?!!! did i read that correctly? way to kick jt's ass bryant! i could add something about ball sacks, but 'nuff said.


Anyone planning to run in the half marathon this summer? If so, please run for this great non-profit I am on the board for called Green Star Movement! It's an after school art program which gets kids involved in the beautification of their community. We are in the works to offer CARA's training program to our team as well. For more info shoot me an email at jonina14 at hotmail dot com. Thanks!


I now have Drew's balls...all is right with the world!
Sheena - thanks for the hair-thingy...i put it in your bag!



J Po 17:29
Glazer 10:08
*Joel 12:16
Dwight 17:13
Snusz 15:38
Danger 12:38
*Brad 7:54
Reid 15:49
Bina 16:50
Thorn 12:01
Fish 17:26


Amanda 10:32
Brent 30:07
Orwat 25:09
Lichtenfeld 20:37
Claris 27:54
*Randall 10:19
Angus 21:25
Anja 11:38
BC 31:58
Jamie 10:15
Courtney 10:18
Regs- Individual
Cal- Individual
TJ- Individual
Colleen- Individual
Dingo- Individual
Nimmer- Individual


Morrissey 18:35
Sack 22:00
Eric 23:16
Nelson 18:50
Bill 26:34
Bridgid 13:31


Manion 18:57
*Matlas 14:02
Lilly 21:30
Egan 23:50
*Dage 21:35


Corro 20:48
Toto 24:21
Tonylicious 18:26
K 23:39
Chamberlin 18:20
Shelley 20:32
Slater 16:27
Judy 15:23
Tony V 12:40
DW 20:40
Houlne 24:25
Nardi 23:32
*Paulus 9:03
Casey 22:01

Patiently awaiting Jennifer's fun comments from the 6:30 class...

Meagles, I miss the highlights of the night as well...come home soon?



*Vince 10:39
Jill 22:17
MJ 20:48
Brown 20:05
Bryce 16:50
Dynomite 29:18
Kaufman 23:39
Corrigan 23:39
Allison INDIV
PK 17:58
DK 26:13
LK 13:11

Way to battle JT 630pm!! Its a tough one.


I forgot to put my put my name on the board again. I guess Im not used to it yet since being on individual.

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