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Came across this tonight after checking out the video recommendations in yesterday's posts.

This one's for you Tatts...


Jane S.

I'll be back mid-May,just waiting for the leaves to get back on the trees.
I miss everyone at WCCF .


Hey Cal...

If you get a chance, can you email me at drewsmatheson@gmail.com




*Jacob - 20
*QBRob - 15
Yaz - 16
*Mo - 12
Andy - 17
*Brady - 15
Nadine - 10
D.Russell - 13
Kim H. - 17
Bina - 11
Kim - 12
Leslie - 13
*Aaron - 21
Tom - 10
Bridgid - 7 (3 Rounds)
Sam - 15
*Bryant - 22
Monahan - 19
*Pat - 10
*Tatts - 17
Brenda - 12

Great Job Morning Crew!!

steve b

I have never done Chief and it looks like a good one. Im torn between Chief and Oly.

Im thinking of pulling a double today...

Good idea? Bad idea?

J. Marcis

Bad idea


chief with extra weight on the cleans and a vest? great idea!


Hey Pat, could you email me if you see this? Thanks,
adambroder at hotmail dot com

Kim H

Great article today! It is a simply-put synopsis of all the technical garbly-goop out there on health and nutrition. In my own experience, my grandfather, who lived well into his 90s, was never a health/exercise nut. However, ever since he moved off the family farm in his early 20s, he always loved growing his own fruits and vegetables and detested any processed foods. He ate eggs, meat, fruits and veggies (and drank his share of scotch...). Along with his daily workout at the local "Y", he never wore sunscreen, rarely stayed up after 8pm, and even with 12 kids, he famously never caught more than the sniffles until his later years. I think he was on to something without even knowing it. He just did what made him feel good, and it worked!



Thanks so much for dropping off that book! I'll get it back to you asap! Can't wait to get into it.....


See now, I was thinking exactly what Steve B was....

Guess I'll have to save Chief for Sunday.


Will having watched your video I think Lil Joey could smoke that kid.

Although, I loved the way Noah was peacocking around the gym with his arms out by his side like he was carrying some luggage. Hilarious good find.


I showed Lil Joey and he already said "my weights are bigger than that"


PM Athletes: (*=Rx'd)

John 16
Stimaty 16
Tricia 16*
Ed 16
T. Dubs 18
Coco 16
Matt 20*
Kauf 15*
Madigan 18
Scotty V. 16
T.J. 26*
Greg 23
BC 20*
Dwight 20*
Alain 16
Frog 17
Corey 24*
Harmon 19*
Kate 11*
Schmiggy 18*
Throttle 16
Sherry 16
Leo 18*
Shawn 20
Emily 21*
Nate 16*
Newman 18*
Chris 14
Matlas 21*
Val 18*
Miles 15
Mark 16*
Geoff 15*
Alycia 15
Kevin 16*
Joe 24*
Krang 16
Lamb 15*
Hellyer 21*
Lori 20*
Jeneral 15
Koltse 19*
Ferrari 20*
Noah 20*
Kaz 18
Ryan 15
K. 15*
Sally 22

Oly Athletes:
Steve B.
Steve D.

Great work done by all. The sound of 15 people starting each round with a solid power clean is awesome. Way to push through it tonight.


"Lonely Chief" hotel gym style - subbed 40lb DB
15 rounds


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