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In case you all were wondering, this is how not to do the deadlift:



that video stressed me out.

steve b

LOL! I would love to have that guy as a patient as Im sure his back is always messed up!

Nick I much prefer your technique, DL with a twist at the top =)


Comments/Observations from today's workout

I subbed push-ups for pull-ups today...combination of Wednesday's workout and Josh left my hands a little sore...

Also did today's workout after unintentionally fasting yesterday...and workout suffered.

And I am inclined to think Mo had a little too much Cortisol today. Clearly not getting enough playtime.

Kathy W

So bummed I missed a great Saturday (and week) at WCCF!!! really missed everyone and of course a big week of pull-ups. my personal favorite! ha! so excited to be back. see you tonight.


And how not to do a squat.



oh man, that squat video was too much.

Jane S.

Today did Shoulder Press x3
Push pressed 65

Dan W

Reporting in from Winston/Salem - Crossfit Downtown Winston
Back Squat 3x5: 165,165,165
MetCon 5 Rounds: 18 KB Swings, 12 Box Jumps, 6 Pullups - 10:08
Great facility!!


Jane S.
When are you coming back. We miss you in the gym.


Aaron and Therese- Thanks for counting and coaching me tonight.

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