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Just wanted to say Thank You! to Cal for coaching me through Josh yesterday. I probably wouldn't have finished if you were standing next to me. The hands are healing nicely.


Love the article about coffee. I believe it is a gift from the Gods (or God whichever you prefer). It gets me out of bed in the morning and I think I just might start having a cup an hour before the WOD!


I didn't believe that caffeine was non-prohibited until I went to the WADA site and read the 2009 Prohibited List PDF. Caffeine is indeed allowed, alongside a few other semi-potent stimulants. It doesn't even appear to be prohibited in quantity. Sort of strange, I guess.

However, while caffeine might be useful as a time-to-time workout or workday pick-me-up, there are also studies indicating that longtime heavy use of the stimulant has negative effects on healthy metabolism.

I would say moderation over mainlining makes sense?

In any case, now I feel less guilty about picking up a small black coffee from DD before the occasional workout. Thanks World Anti-Doping Agency!

Dan T

Yesterday's article presented a case where comparative physiology seemed a bit bogus: humans are not crows, and there are probably multiple factors at play regarding human diet than simply saying "because this crow is expending X amount of energy to yield Y calories from the nut, we humans should simply focus on calorie intake." Many of the posters to that article voiced similar opinions regarding basal metabolic rate, human hormone balances, and other energetics whoo-haa.

But today's article gives me the chance to display this:

I know, I know...we shouldn't be comparing humans to spiders. But scroll down and take a look at the web the spider tried to spin on caffeine. Here's the description of the spider's behavior according to the researchers: "Spider’s eyes dart from left to right (worried expression). The spiders whole body shakes, teeth chatter. Occasionally the spider lets out short screams with flash bulb eyes."

So remember the mantra: Everything in moderation...or else you will let out short screams with flash bulb eyes.


Friday's (KB swings, Thrusters, box jump)


steve b



Big Nicky and I are planning on doing Linda (aka: 3 bars of death) next Sunday. Anyone want to join in?


Dan T., this might be of interest to you in your quest for scientific comparisons between spiders and humans:


Drew: you killed it today. Way to work through the pain!




Steve B: Thanks for getting me through a brutal WOD. And also, thanks to Jacob and Steve for turning what was going to be a leisurely day in the box into a pain fest.


Jeneral, glad the hands are on the mend. You were awesome yesterday.


20 rds
10 squats 2 burpees
fast as I could


Made up Josh. 11:57.


I'm not one to weigh in on movie clips, but in the interest of actually keeping the message board light after an incredibly hard few days......please watch the clip that Jacob posted. Dan...to you and your Science, I believe we have a FACE.


Saturday's workout: 20:26
Much love to Jacob, Steve, Nick, Lauren, Regs, etc. Nothing like a tough workout while hungover (thanks to Dingo, Yaz, Doogie, Pat, Michelle, Meagles). I was rethinking the WOD choice after Round 1, but Jacob forced me through it.

Oh yeah...DAMN YOU Ferrari!! (12:17, sick)


So the take-home message is that caffeine may improve your athletic performance, but put you at risk for attack by crackheads? That's tough - I want to do better on the WODs, but not get shot in the head. Have to think about it.

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