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Hedgehog and Tictac? Bullspit! That was Regs and Cal on their lunch break.

As far as the article is concerned I fear I am dumbfounded. I can't keep up with all of the info about diets. I feel like Brittany Spears circa 2007. I want to eat in a healthy manner yet still leave room for fun. Oh man is my head spinning. Low carb, low cal, paleo, zone? Which way do I go? GEESH.

Mike Callahan

This is a must see. 12 minutes long but a great motivational video. There are days when we wonder what the hell am i doing and why . Well the answer probably lies in the heart of this video . " BECAUSE WE CAN "See for yourself because there is greatness in all of us !!! Go to the web and search for ESPN video "walk on " Good luck with Josh today.

Kristen Large

Awesome job to all today. I really do thrive on the encouragement from all the WCCF family during workouts. The environment is like no other!!!


Many thanks to "I want your best" Dingo for being my couch/counter today. It made a *huge* difference, as did the energy in the box. Many thanks to all. It was incredible watching people push through this workout.


Wow. What an incredible experience. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say we are all part of an unbelievable community. Hard to put into words what went down today at WCCF. I saw Newman put himself in a tough spot early on, then show some serious heart to will himself through the rest of Josh, including his last 9 OHS unbroken. I also witnessed pure inspiration as Meagles completed her final 18 pullups, hands torn to shreds, on the verge of tears, but with an unflinching determination. Goosebumps...seriously. And there was much inspiration to go around. Whether it was an athlete willing themselves to the finish or a counter/cheerleader/coach/psychiatrist guiding them through the struggle, there was such a singlular focus on doing our best, without a shade of question.
It's the days like today that I thank my lucky stars that I found CrossFit. But more important than finding any CrossFit box, I was introduced to J$'s WCCF. Many of us have travelled to other boxes and enjoyed doing a WOD on the road with some new folks, but we ALL come back with the same conclusions. We got lucky. Really f*cking lucky. We are part of something special. Egos are checked at the door. Your time posted doesn't matter...at all. It's what you laid on the line from the "3...2...1...GO!" to "Time!" That's it, pure and simple. How cool is that!!! Where respect is earned and shared amongst the community, regardless of your profficiency. It's real accountability that levels the playing field.
Couple of additional things...Here's the link to the video my Dad referenced:
Yesterday he had asked if I had seen the football video from the other day, which I hadn't. He said he got a bit choked up while watching it, said it was inspiring. I'm thinking, c'mon Dad, you're just getting a little sentimental in your upper years. Well, I watched it last night, and sure enough, it got me. Not big time, but enough where I thought the allergies were kicking in. And then I thought about it. It's what we are part of on days like today. 99.99% of people don't know what that's like. We do. Thanks WindyCityCrossFit, from Justin to our coaches to everyone of the athletes that makes it what it is.


Welcome back Cal...


WARNING...This is going to be a "Cal-esque" post, I hope I do him justice.

When people ask me why my hands are torn up all the time? Why am I so sore? Why am I looking at videos of power lifts at work, reading about eating better on my phone, and buying 5 rolls of tape and 5 boxes of bandaids at a time? What is CrossFit? To date I haven't come up with a great answer yet because it is hard to explain to people why we would put ourselves through this.

While I don't have an answer I now have a way to explain it...come watch a Saturday workout or a challenge day at Windy City CrossFit. There is no better way to understand the essence of CrossFit, specifically Windy City Crossfit, than this morning. What an epic display of grit, fight, dedication, endurance, and perseverance by everyone involved. Peoples hands were bleeding, legs were burning, gasping for air, and still everyone jumped up to do that next pull up, picked up that bar to do one more overhead squat. As more and more pain and fatigue set in, the louder the box got; the louder people implored others to keep going, keep fighting. I saw people that had finished their workout at 10am still there at 11:30 cheering people on, supporting their friends. This was a competition and we were all going against one another yet you would've never known that by watching and listening to the endless shouts of encouragement ringing out in there today. That is the essence of CrossFit in my mind.

Congrats to everyone today on not only their stellar performances but also on their selflessness and genuine interest in seeing others around them succeed. There is no place like WCCF!

A couple quick shout outs:
Hellyer...ur pull ups are sick. Your first and 90th were identical! Great work.

Geoff...Great job on your first go round with Josh, he can be a dick, but you did awesome and in another 6 weeks you will be exponentially better.

Regs...thanks for counting for me and pushing me to get back up on that bar, you exemplify all the qualities I discussed above. Oh and shaving 6 seconds off your time after crushing yourself yesterday is flat out re-donk-ulous.

Cal...watching you motivate others, coach others on form, strategy, and then be the first person to congratulate someone on an awesome job is truly inspirational.

Again, Great job to everyone in there today!

P.S. I wrote this with my shirt off, Cal Style


apparently I have a long way to go before I get to "cal-esque"...but I swear I started mine before I saw his post.


Noah....welcome to the club. The Kool-Aid's tasty, isn't it? I spiked yours with a little something special. Apparently it worked.


I can second everyones commits today. Cal I think you made my top 5 comments today; even movie quotes with major league and point break! I would just like to add that WCCF has not given me a feeling of urgency and adventure since I have played college soccer. I graduated in 2002, and failed at trying to play pro ball because I am very stubborn. Since that time I have never had a challenge that has peaked my interest or even inflicted my jadest mentality that ran deeper than the deepest ravine in the our dark black seas. All I can say now is that I am pumped that I have a challenge that breaks me out of the statue of mediocracy! I look forward to tomorrows pain and triumphs!!!!!! :)


last post was by doogie not dingo.




You people are a bunch of ninjas. I can't even tell you how inspiring it is to be around you folks. Great job all!

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