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What if we could go into a WOD blind?

What if?...


I want Dingo coaching/encouraging me...he get results.


i don't like Will's tone.


Just wanted to post some feedback on the information that J$ posts...

Personally, for someone who is intellecturally challenged like myself, I can get lost in the articles but find the quotes and videos t be great sources of inspiration; particularly this mornings.

In my morning routine, I get up, check the WCCF website to see what's in store for today, and then read the quote and watch some videos to get my mind right for the rest of the day. This mornings video got me so fired up that I showered faster, got dressed faster, drove faster...

Keep'em coming J$, the site is unparalled by any other crossfit website outthere.

Li'l Jon

The author makes a good case for Parkour. Makes me want to rewatch Casino Royale then get in the classroom.

I imagine that integrating Parkour training would help immensely with things like Oly lifts because of all the jumping and landing and flipping--all from the hips.


I agree with Noah in this morning's quote being a particularly great source of inspiration...it's so true. There is always one more to be had.

Andy D

A couple of random thoughts on today:

1. Will--Thanks for the push this morning. I was exhausted and needed the encouragement. Most appreciated.

2. At the end of the article they mention met-con which I've heard around the gym but was never really sure what it meant. If there are others out there like me, I found a pretty good thread here: http://board.crossfit.com/showthread.php?t=3854&page=1

3. It's sad to see that our ancestors didn't sit in cubicles all day. Now I feel extra lazy at work. That was a pretty interesting article. I would love to work out like I'm in the hunt, but there is no real way to replicate that around Chicago. (Maybe we could all take a trip to work out with that guy in Brazil from last week?) Crossfit is a pretty good substitute and definitely a huge improvement over sitting in a gym doing bench presses and bicep curls, but it is still pretty controlled movement. I guess varied sports would seem to replicate a lot of the jumping, landing, short burst all-out sprinting, body control-type activities of hunting as in "* Regularly learn and play new sports!" I'm not too familiar with Parkour. Has anyone done it that can comment on the physical exertion and training?

4. I'm excited for tomorrow's Josh conclusion. I think I heard that the dresscode theme is cowboy/western.


if you read the boards, i'm sure andy didn't mean to disparage the bicep curl. everyone has noticed your improvement, so keep up the good work.


a few random thoughts to put off real work:

(1) Corey, i agree: Dingo's shouting often blocks out the pain.

(2) Noah, we don't consider you "intellecturally challenged," despite any evidence to the contrary.

(3) re today's quote. yes, inspirational. but maybe it should read, in all fairness:

"There's only one rule: The guy who trains the hardest, the most, wins. Period. (Okay, maybe PLUS some SYNTHETIC TESTOSTERONE.) Because you won't die. Even though you feel like you'll die, you don't actually die. Like when you're training, you can always do one more. (Especially with the help of MODERN CHEMISTRY.) Always. As tired as you might think you are, you can always, always do one more." - Floyd "At Least It Wasn't 'Roids" Landis.

(above bitterness courtesy of years of being a dedicated fan. . . and, as always, the CAPS are for Dingo.)


How do you get in to Parkour? Someone has to teach it in Chicago right?I tried it myself and fell down the steps in Daley Plaza. Not good for the ego or the Josh Challenge.


Hey J is that a new WOD? I not sure if i can do 160 but i try. Jacob wants to do his BW :)

I look forward to alot of screaming and yelling at Josh and the afterparty, especially from the same people.

To anyone that has done Josh twice before - Have you noticed your arms where more bendable after the second one?


Couple of thoughts/observations:

1 - Josh Challenge tomorrow. Same format as last time? No set hourly start time?

2 - Jacob, you beat me to the punch on the Floyd Landis quote. The Beatle's song "With a Little Help From my Friends" keeps playing in my head when I read that.

3 - Blind WOD. Didn't J$ have a blind WOD one Saturday about a month or so ago? If I remember correctly, it even motivated a pseudo-hungover Dingo to come in to the box.

4 - If there is a video/picture posted today, I can't view it. I feel lost. But, I can't imagine there is a better motivator than Yaz. Having her scream at you during a tough WOD is the single greatest motivator I can think of. Must be a Mancini thing.

Dan T

Regs- There is a Chicago parkour group that meets at various gyms in the city during the colder months and then heads over to local parks during spring and summer. I went to a winter parkour training at Skyline and it was pretty crappy: just vaulting over the same stack of mats over and over again. If you really want to focus on quadrepedal locomotion or improvisation of movement, I highly recommend capoeira. I've been doing in for about a month now and every time I leave, I am physically annihilated.

The article raises an interesting point about our need for variation in locomotion across various terrain. But I also wonder how much of our need for climbing and crawling comes from Homo Sapien's unique sense of grip. Unlike chimpanzees, humans are able to move the thumb at the trapezio-metacarpal joint. While this doesn't mean that chimps can't move their thumbs, the heavier interlocking of bone surfaces within the chimp joint makes it more difficult to move the thumb in opposition to fingers. The freedom in the trapezio-metacarpal joint gave Homo Sapien greater variations in grip and gave them more opportunities for tool creation. But despite our fine motor ability in the hand, we still have an evolutionary predisposition to use our grips to heave, climb, and crawl. This more "base" use of grip also needs to be satiated.

There's alot of interesting research going on about this work so if anyone else wants to geek out on the articles/books I've been reading, let me know.


Speaking of Parkour - Has anyone ever seen the TV show Time Warp on Discovery Channel? One of the first episodes they aired was entitled Free Runner and it shows someone practicing Parkour. They mainly focused on the landings and push-offs It was pretty incredible to see the impact and absorption that was occuring in super slow motion.


I am practicing that monologue in the mirror as I type this post. I am going to inspire the hell out of everyone I count for tommorow along with those that are in close proximity to my shouts.

In closing I leave any Josh Challenge participants with this "I want your best!!"


J. Marcis

Just want to say - last two days this comments section has been off the charts.

Drew - same as last time for "Josh" - rolling start times.


I am TOTALLY pumped up for Josh after watching that video!! Although I'm not sure if I am more pumped to actually do Josh or to "motivate" others!!! Either way - there's going to be A LOT of yelling! (ALL CAPS for you Dingo!)

Any way we can have some of that inspirational music playing in the background? Maybe the theme from Rudy? And if we videotape it we should have the playback in slow-mo...

It's going to be AWESOME.



PM Session: (*=not Rx'd)

Team 1: 16:10*

Team 2: 19:44*
Dan W.

Team 3: 16:11*
Full Throttle

Team 4: 13:55*

Team 5: 12:19

Team 6: 20:19*

Team 7: 14:43
Regs (32Kg, 115#)

Team Solo: 11:33

Team 8: 18:46

Team 9: 17:14

Team 10: 23:06
Nick (32kg)

Team 11: 17:04*

Team 12: 13:53*

Team 13: 15:42

Team 14: 16:10*

Team 15: 18:20*
Scotty V

Team 16: 13:02
Dage (32kg)

Great night once again. Have a good weekend and good luck to all "Josh" competitors tomorrow.


Thanks to Will and Nick for helping/making me finish today. And thanks to everyone cheering me through that last set of KB swings.

Lesson learned: don't forget to eat, no matter how busy you are at work that day.

steve b

Did Lynne today.

Score = 140


Good luck to everyone who is participating in Josh tomorrow!


Thanks, Will for your encouragement today. Couldn't have done it without you.


Good luck Sat with "Josh" remember, Facing the Giant !

Look forward to seeing the results.

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