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Up late as usual...

But must say this is an awesome photo. Well played J$. Lauren is an awesomely inspiring coach.

I can't help but giggle to myself a bit at this photo. Wishing I was Miles with "Full Throttle" dominating at my side, and Lauren's mighty gaze willing me out of the bottom of my squat.

Dustin Piatkowski

From an outsiders point of view: My name is Dustin i am a performance coach and trainer in Batavia IL. I think your article thinks are an amazing benefit to anyone who takes the time to view your site! I am not a die hard CFer but i do incorporate it into my personal workouts, dont get me wrong i am proud of my 8:20 helen...lol. I look to a lot of the crossfit sites for references as well as progression, and i truely believe yours is one of the most informative.

Dustin Piatkowski


I always read the articles when I get downtime at work. Most are great. I do find holes in some of these authors arguments, and this can be a great forum to discuss the holes.


I too enjoy the articles, and they have turned me on to such blogs as Mark's Daily Apple that I try to read every day. Please keep them coming.

J. Marcis

Dustin - thanks for your kind words. If you're ever in the area, please stop in for a WOD with us...we would love to have you.


J$ - Big fan of the articles...it has become part of my morning routine (Just a shame it doesn't start with 'S'). Personally, I prefer the scientific/zone/paleo articles the most.

Sean - Step Brothers was the movie you were thinking of this morning

On a side note: I experienced my first callous tear this morning on my 85th pull-up. On my way to becoming a true CrossFitter!


J$ - Love the articles and videos! In fact, I often forward them to people I am trying to convince to join WCCF. Keep em both coming! Otherwise I may be forced to spend my first 25 minutes at work actually working.

Li'l Jon

I'm also a fan of the links. I read some closely, skim some (usually the more sciency ones), and every now and then, I find a real keeper. I've bookmarked Rip Quote of the Day and links to Kelly's stretching articles from SF. And I imagine that if a couple links are gems for me, then between all of us with our different interests and needs, every single link will change the world a little. Corny, I know.

That being said, I don't know how the heck you've been keeping up with 3/day. We all appreciate it of course, but I don't think anyone would mind if you started running out of ideas and had to cut back on the links.



First, to piggy back on Will's comment, your picture and commentary literally had me laughing to myself here in my cube. Sadly, I don't get a lot of laughs here in my cube. Perhaps it's because my cube is beige. Either way, funny stuff. Thanks.

While I'm in the thanking mood... I read the articles that you post most every day. They, along with Sean's seminar, have led to some pretty profound changes in the way I've been eating lately. As a result I've dropped about ten pounds and I'm feeling pretty good. So again, Thanks and please keep them coming.

steve b

I enjoy the articles, keep em coming. I agree with Doogie, there are some definite holes sometimes that can be discussed and battered around.

Side note: I missed Oly class last night and there is a strong possibility I'll miss Thursdays too. Is it ok to start next week or will I be too far behind? Is there a progression to the classes or is it different class to class?

J. Marcis

Steve B. - while there is a progression, this is not a formalized program at this point. We plan to formalize the program in the future to 3 x week. You will not be too far behind.


J$, the articles are great, I've learned a lot. I will try to comment more often. Anything to avoid working hehe ;)

Oh and the Cave Man Food? Very yummy!


I am of the same mind set as Lil Jon and Doogie. I read the articles everyday and when the articles get too sciencey I tend to tune out. At that point I just look for the overall message the author is trying to convey and leave the amino acid and poly peptide info to the pros. I do agree some of the articles to have some holes and I think this would be an interesting forum for some enlightened discussion after all the WCCF community is quite intelligent. I think that would be lovely provided no one deviates and adds movie quotes.

Will I thought about coming in today and realized that after last night's OLY lifting training there was no way I could have done todays WOD. I haven't been that sore in a long while. Roatan in a week and a half is looking mighty good.

Jane S.

Just have to post that I had a tough workout today since I haven't done much since "Danny" last week except ride and row.BTW really enjoyed working out last week and seeing the morning girls.
3 Rounds for time 18:40
200 m row- With 45# bar 10front squats-10 press-10 back squats and 10 kettlebell swings.
Justin, I love the articles, find most of them relevant and applicable. Keep them coming.


Drew, YES!! that was driving me nuts.

Nate, thats awesome to hear.. Great work, keep it up!!

Also i wanted to call attention to two particular ladies from today's morning crew. The Donna's... Donna, rocked out full kipping pullups for the first time in a WOD, knocking out all 100.. Donna-U, rocked all legitiment pushups in the painful PART2 of todays WOD. Both you ladies rocked! nice job on the form upgrades!!

J. Marcis

Hey all - I found another broken jump rope in the box this morning. That's now 2. This equipment needs to be replaced. If you break something, please let me know...and then make plans to replace it. We won't be mad - but it does need to be replaced.

That goes for glasses in the kitchen as well. If you break a glass, let me know...don't just throw it away.

Thank you for understanding.

Dan T

Just wanted to chime in and say that the links have been great. I've been doing research work with youth obesity and many of the articles that I find here feed in to the perspective I bring to the collective research. Thanks for posting these links and I'll try to step-up my "comments" writing game.


J$ - I broke the jump rope this morning...or at least, the jump rope was in my hands this morning when it broke.

On a side note - I noticed the medium band was gone (or broke?) and I ordered some additional bands...hoping they will be in before the Josh Challenge this Saturday, but UPS hasn't been very kind with me.

J. Marcis

Thanks Drew. We don't need/expect members/athletes to buy new equipment - we just want to know when something has broken/failed, so that we can then make plans to get more.

I realize this is different than what I said above. Strike that - impulse post. Just want to know when equipment is broken. Regs told me I need a Guinness. It's still early, but he may be right.

Regarding bands... Yes, more are on the way. Recently placed an order.

Again, thanks...


J$ - Your time stamp had "PM" on it (ie - not too early for Guinness).

With respects to Guinness, here is another article that I will gladly discuss the merits of (either in theory or practice): http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3266819.stm


Drew I do not drink during the week so right away I am behind the 8 ball by 6 Guinness. According to science I need to play catch up. HMMMM I think a great time to catch up and improve my health might be this Saturday after the Josh Challenge. Are there any other folks out there interested in improving their health this weekend? At which point we can load the jukebox with classic 80's tunes and discuss whether Regs is actually a human or a cyborg sent here from the future to destroy all Crossfit benchmarks? Oh yeah and the benefits of squatting so as to not offend Rip.


A thought on the broken jump ropes:

I have seen others -- and I was guilty of this myself before I stopped to think about it -- stretch their shoulders using jump ropes. Doing this'll probably get the cord to pop out of the handle if you stretch hard enough.

How about let's just stick to using the PVC for that shoulder stretch and leave the jump ropes out of it. I'm all for helping to save WCCF equipment. I'm also for saving worms after a big rain, but that's another story for another time.


I am with both Dingo and Dee.

Guinness post Josh sounds like a plan to me.

As far as the broken jump rope goes, sort of a funny story. I was working on my double unders when I proceeded to do a few consecutive double unders (at least I thought I did). I then noticed that I didn't hear the distinctive sound of the double under. It when then I realized that the jump rope was in two pieces. I imagine I looked like one of those "wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men" that are so prevalant at car washes.

I can only assume that the rope got caught in the tread of my sneakers and the rope couldn't withstand my wicked SEXXXY ((c) Dingo) CrossFit bod.

steve b

Thats 4 posts by Drew today, correct me if I am wrong but that beats the long standing record set by Cal back in the early days of WCCF.

Am I right?

J. Marcis

Cal - where are you??? We haven't had an emotional outpouring in quite a while from you...and frankly, I've had it. We tried to bait you the other day with some mentions of the little man - Jake - but, nothing...radio silence. Give us a sign...


I love the articles you guys post. I actually find the science related articles very interesting. Now if only I could link to the articles without seeing the WOD. That would be sweet! Every day would be a suprise...


I beat Cal's standing record of post per day, back in the day. After Josh I am game for libations and 80s.


Doogie is right. He owns the record. Cal.....Face.


Are 80s the new 40-oz?


Doogie's "record" was garbage.I liken it to Ricky Davis shooting on his own basket to get his "10th" rebound and complete his triple-double. Weak sauce. I challenge him to find 1 of his posts that would rank in my top 50....Paper champion.





I effing love the science articles. As a scientist, I need logical validation for doing all the crazy stuff you clowns throw at me. Also, my sister thinks she knows a lot about working out and eating healthy, and I need science to get her to shut up.


There are two pages of posts?? WOW

Karen today
20# wall ball 120 times
5:24 Happy about improvement from last time of 6:33


I was at crossfit marina in Huntington Beach. Sort of scouting out the games comp for Regs, J$, Meagles, Sean and TJ.


Love the articles/links. Lots of smart people with diverse backgrounds should lead to insightful discussion. Even if a non-fitness article were posted, say, on a Sunday...

50 CTB pullups for me tonight, trying to keep healthy hands for Josh. Koltse, Ferrari, Matt - awesome work.


Corey, I think you left 30 Wall Balls out there....


Cal, I do not even need to stoop to your level. I never dubbed myself the champion of WCCF post, you dubbed me.


justin, i broke my manhood this morning - how do i get it replaced. I think it snapped around pull up 67...i know most of you have heard me warn you about this before, but taking 4 weeks off, not so smart..and i have boo-boo on my hand too.

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