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Still in New Orleans...

Again from Eva T:
20 Rounds for time:
5 Pushups
5 Situps
10 Squats


J. Marcis

We had a very special athlete in this morning. One, Jake Callahan, who wanted me to make sure his dad knew that while BC only did one workout this AM, mighty Jake did 10! Simply a remarkable performance by the little man...nice work Jake!


10 workouts that is sick. It makes sense his parents are both studs. Though despite their incredible athletic talents I have never seen Cal not Peyton do 2 WOD's never mind 10.


Jake.....Unbelievable job this morning buddy. We're all proud of the job you're doing in the gym. Your joy, energy, and love of the game inspire each and every one of us. That being said...comparing your 10 workouts this morning to something that BC did is probably a mistake. I can see the fire in those eyes of yours and I think that you wanna be the best you possibly can. To do that, you can't use BC as a measuring stick. When you do that little buddy, you're striving for mediocrity. I think your mom and dad, as well as the rest of us here at WindyCity want better for you. So check out a guy like TJ, or maybe Coach J$, or my guy Ferrari, or even your parents... and stop bottom feeding on a guy like BC. Jake, you'll be better in the end and have an even more satisfying crossfit journey. Good Luck little man.

Scotty V.

Hotel Room Crossfit

50 of each
Walking Lunges
Chair Dips (feet elevated on bed)
TV Squats (sounded better in theory than actual execution)



Jake, hats off to you buddy, i'm happy just to be in the same box as you. Jakester, you gotta listen to your Uncle Regz on this one. TJ, J$, Ferrari and your parents are incredible athletes. I aspire one day to have the work-ethic and heart of these crossfitters.


jamie here's the link i was telling you about:


great wod's for being on the road.


Per J$'s instructions and to hopefully kickstart people posting when in red....I did step-ups tonight.

BC--a spot-on and mature response to a somewhat unwarranted attack by regs. if you were just a little more comfortable about going 85% then maybe I would've believed you.


Huddy agrees w/ Ocho Cinco.

Run 400
5 Rounds - 5 CTB Pullup/Ring Dip/OHS (75lb)
Run 400
5 Rounds - as above
Run 400

Just 9 more workouts to go and you'll be mine, Jake Callahan!


BC, I still love ya. 1 WOD or 10; your still my guy. Way to go Jake. You should be very proud of yourself. Make sure you thank your mom and dad for those good xfit genes.



Noah Rothman

Just wanted to give Kyle props for KILLING it in today's workout. Those 72 pull ups CTB were absolutely sick. Well done.

While I am yet to meet the famous Jake Callahan, I just hope that when I do, he's not too big time to stop and say hello to the little people trying to keep up with him.


I only did 37, not 47! Maybe that's Justin telling me to try harder.

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