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Good luck Gwen!


Good luck!!

Coach Cori

Gwen I weighed in and we are ready to go!


So excited for you Gwen! Grip it and rip it!!!


Wccf represent! Go get them GwenC!!!


Kill it Gwen!


just heard from Gwen - she should be introduced around 11 est and start lifting around 11:20 est


GL Gwen!


Get er dun, Gwen!

Brent M.

Nice job Gwen! The champ is here!


I saw Gwen hit 2 of 3 snatches (50, 52kg), but didn't catch her C&J because I, um, actually had to do some things people pay me to do. Anybody have an update?

Also: I'm not afraid to say that the old guys on platform B while Gwen's group was lifting on platform A were absolutely ADORABLE. Must have been 70 or 80 years old. I hope I can still throw heavy shit around when I'm their age. (It's not that far off for me.)


I was in meetings during the entire webcast...if there's a way to watch the replay let me know??
Congrats Gwen on competing, can't wait to hear more details!!


Thanks guys for all the support. Can you send some good vines to TSA at Philly airport to get Cori, Doogie and I back to Chicago? In the line for 1hr now and not even at the screeners yet.

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