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J. Marcis

Excited for this guy. Leading from the front, getting out there and being a great example of how to live an active life. Have a great trip Sam!


Great post Sam. Enjoy the surf and sun, and we'll enjoy "the land of the wind and the ice and snoooowww." (please read that in your best Immigrant Song voice).


That's awesome - have a wonderful trip Sam!! Make sure to GoPro some of the surfing!!


Love this post Sam!
Thank u for sharing


Great post. Have a great time!!!


Awesome! Enjoy the trip!


Awesome Sam - my friends used to think I was crazy running on the lakefront in the winter, but it's an amazing feeling. I hope your trip is great!


Good post! I agree on the cold weather. Summertime is just a frame of mind.

Charmaine Phillips

I am excited to see what you will write about your surfing experience in my beautiful country Barbados. You told me personally at the airport about the experience when you were leaving. So do share it with the rest of the world

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