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not sure why I signed up for the Crossfit Open other than I would regret it if I didn't at least attempt it right? Who all is with me!


Brenda, I am with you. Let's do this!

Today's WOD: 1:41, 1:23, 0:58, 0:26

4.5 minutes of work = my chest hurts and I smell chlorine. Is that bad?


500 - 1:46
375 - 1:19
250 - 0:53
125 - 0:20

Havent rowed since mid January

Tony Brown

The open is among us! Lets see how much we have improved this past year!

Breanda lets just hope we do not see that damn thruster burpee workout again...ever...

Also, we will be watching the live announcement of 15.1 tomorrow at 7 pm at the gym so come on down and join. Following that you can watch Cheston and myself give scaled and RX a shot, feel free to join in on the workout too!


500m: 1:39 (PR! Thought I'd be stuck in the 1:40s forever. Been doing more interval training lately, and results have been coming fast)

350m: 1:39.4 pace (felt ok until the last 75m)

250m: 1:32 pace (goal was sub 1:30, but couldnt hang on)

124: 1:32 pace (just trying to survive on this one).

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