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Coach Dan

Calling all the athletes to the Athlete Performance Track! I promise huge strength gains, lightning speed, and higher intelligence. Ok maybe not that last part but the rest is for sure!!!


Hi Everyone! I'm involved with the International Special Events Society and we're looking for some round table speakers for our upcoming business development March meeting. We're expanding our scope for this program and would love to get some other faces involved that don't plan parties all day.

The topics are the following:
sales/marketing, entrepreneurship/visionary, finance, insurance, attorney, accountant, public relations, selling/expanding your business, trade shows.

March 24, 2015 from 8a-10a
Blackstone Hotel, Downtown Chicago

If you're knowledgeable in any of the above topics and would like to share your brand this is a great opportunity.

Shoot me an email at kaitlyn.mullinax at 360dg.com


Deadlifts on a Tuesday! So much fun!
185# for all sets
11 rounds + 10 overhead lunges
15# plate was too light, 20kg kb was okay


DL 335
9 rounds + 10 oh lunge

32KB 45# plate


DL 235
11 Rounds + 10 overhead lunges
25# plate and 24kg kb

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