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1. 185#
2. 5:59*


That was a fun one!

Worked up to 135# and finished around 8:45. Jumped back on the bar for some T2B with the remaining time.


40 min easy aerobic conditioning


Do you want to partake in some "friendly" competition? Join the WCCF farm team (Mully, Hoy, House and myself) in the "Chi Town Throw-down" on the weekend of Jan 10/11! Individuals on Saturday and teams on Sunday. Email me for a discount code. megankennedypt@gmail.com


If you aren't looking to compete you should consider coming just to witness Mully and I in a partner deadlift...

Mr. Feb

Did conditioning class this morning and it was awesome/terrible. Meagles kicked our ass, it was a good 20 mins of work.

Kennedy the throwdown sounds awesome. I have a shoulder injury so I can't do much besides deadlift but I might come watch you guys.

Super G

I would love to cheer on Kennedy, Mully, Hoy, and House at The Chi-Town Throwdown. Let us know what time to be there!


A. 165 lbs, split jerk
B. WOD: 6:22

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