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Justin - what is the goblet carry? Similar position to the goblet squat with KB? Thanks.

J. Marcis

Whitey - you got it. Hold just like a goblet squat.

Mr. Feb

Hit 385, failed at 405. Last PR was 400, rough morning

Great metcon, 8:30 with 20kg kettlebell


Hi Fellow Jacked People!

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Luis, you're so jack'd! That's why you are my 2nd favorite AOM! :-P
Good stuff dude!

Visiting Commonwealth Crossfit today in Boston:

A) 3 Position Snatch: 1x high hang 1x hang 1x from floor

1 x 55, 2 x 65, 3 x 75 lbs

B) ~14:52

For time:
1K row
40 kb squats (24 kg)
30 kb swings (24 kg)
20 hand release push-ups
20 ctb pull-ups

Tough, but good one! Squats after rowing was hard. Great box!


295# DL

9:47 Metcon. Great workout today!

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