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Hello WCCFers. :)
You are all invited to my small (yet hoppin') apartment for a Halloween party this Friday night. Come after 8:00 and stay as long as you like! You MUST wear a costume. We will msot likely end up at a dive bar on Division later in the evening to show off our functional fitness on the dance floor.
1327 N Ashland Apt 2R


First, allow me to say you are all looking fetching this morning. Every single one of you.

Second, is Chet not amazing with a camera? Polite golf clap him the next time you see him. He really deserves it.

Third, I truly love posting in lists.

Fourth, allow me to suggest you sign up for the GoRuck track in droves! Duchess, Lance, and I would love some company. What's that you say? You don't WANT to workout at 6a on a Saturday? Well, neither do I quite frankly, but I have a feeling you'll love the feeling of accomplishment when this is under your belt. You can let the next two months slip into oblivion in your memory bank, filed away under 'regular 'ole Saturday morning' OR you can do something that will always stay with you. Come on, it'll be fun!* It'll be adventurous! It'll be new, different, and exciting.

Fifth, this is a plug for a workout I write every Thurs for anyone interested: The PullUp Clubbe workout! If you're struggling with strict and/or kipping pullups, this is the workout for you. It's posted on the main board and although it's not a formal class, I'll be there 8:30a to 10:30a on Thurs to take you through it if you need. But any of the coaches are happy, as always, to explain the movements so you, too, can get #upperbodyjackedoutofyourmind.

Sixth, if you have kids and they have too much energy, sign them up for CrossFit kids this Sunday. My unofficial tagline is 'if your kids aren't asleep in the car on the ride home, I didn't do my job.'

Seventh, if you want to do an obstacle course, come in this Sunday at 10a. I'll leave it up after the kids leave from kids class. I have yet to have any takers but I'm confident one of you is young enough at heart to army crawl, climb boxes, and swing from the rings as your Sunday warm up...

*not 'party on the rooftop!' fun, but fun in the 'I can say I did that' kind of way.


Look at Measles, thinking she's BC. I'll be signing up for Saturday morning go ruck workouts when I'm back in town.

J. Marcis

Who's BC?

Joe Stuckel

Any hockey goalies here that would be able to play Saturday night 9:30 at Johnny's Ice House east? Skaters too. My team is badly short for Saturday night and I don't want us to forfeit. Long shot with the game being Saturday on Halloween weekend but if you want to play we could use the help. Thanks


Super G

Luis rocking the KB's!

Mr. Feb

I was about to say, who is that handsome fellow in the back.

Also, Meagles is doing the ruck???? Oh man now I am conflicted as to what track to do

bozarth 4.2

Meagles... Rucking?

And, yeah.. who is BC again?

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