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Where can I find the strength class workout?


On the board where the strength class takes place.

::pisst:: There will be lifting. Of the weights.




Hello WCCFers. :)
You are all invited to my small (yet hoppin') apartment for a Halloween party this Friday night. Come after 8:00 and stay as long as you like! You MUST wear a costume. We will msot likely end up at a dive bar on Division later in the evening to show off our functional fitness on the dance floor.
1327 N Ashland Apt 2R


WCCFers it seems like I haven't been to the gym in quite some time. Most of my time has been spent on the Low End coaching the Phillips Wildcats. We now enter the first round of the State Playoffs against Plano. The game is this Friday night at 7pm at Gately Stadium. Hopefully we will be playing for 5 more weeks. Hope to see you there.

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