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J. Marcis

Huff - I thought you would like this one. Which is great, because I went ahead and already registered you for 2015. Time to train!


I love the video. The Tetons are one of my favorite places. If I ever was to do a tri - this is definately the version for me. Except for that swimming leg - can I take the shuttle boat instead?


This looks awesome!!

Dan W

J - I could even come out of retirement for this!

J. Marcis

Dan W! You still out there? Lets go fella...get in here!

Ok, great... It's settled. GwenC, DanW, Hugo and team leader Huff. ...with Meagles supervising.


I'll go for a picnic. That looks fun!


I could be talked into doing that. Looks awesome.

Regs OB

If Dan W. is in, I'm in. When do we leave?

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