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7 rounds or so, not Rx on the deadlifts, splitting Bro-x Jumps with Mosio.

I'm down for the GoRuck training; I imagine it would be a lot like the Murph training over the summer? Good group grinders?

J. Marcis

Dole - yep, if you enjoyed the Murph Prep training, you'll enjoy the GORUCK training.


5 rounds + 7 DLs @ 185 lbs

Good one!


Murph Team - who else is in for a little more time in the parking lot? I'm already brushing up on my "Log, It's Log"...

Mr. Feb

So I am totally down for this track BUT will not be here on Saturday for the teaser. Is there gonna be an official track announcement following?

The Saturation

Will this involve synchronized lunging? If so, I'll be sleeping. Or cleaning my closet. Very, very busy..

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