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Anyone feeling jacked enough to go Sub 2 min on Grace today? Husker did it in 2:10 yesterday! Just wondering.


I will say that this board is EXTREMELY quiet for a Grace day. . . .


I am gonna do it tonight and crack open a beer afterwards for MERica!

The Sauce/Murda Your Core

I can't believe I'll be missing running in circles around coach Dan on Tuesdays in the fall yelling "I'm wide open!" Moving to CA is only slightly better.

Another shameless plug for an awesome time happening right now, all weekend and next weekend: http://chicagofringe.org/

Last night I got drunk on $1 blue moons, watched a girl paint the name of shows on her body as she walked around in a bikini, and then delighted in a post-apocalyptic radio play about a dead algae farmer in the style of film noir.

So. Fucking. Awesome.

Excuse my french, embrace my FRINGE!!! Come hang!


Couch Jen is in town and will be at WCCF around 5pm to throwdown! I'll be there too! Not sure about doing Grace tho....ughhhh

dr metcon

I did grace in 30 seconds. That is 1 second per rep for y'all gifted in linear algebra.

Ondrej Fojtik

I'll do it under 2 next Thursday
out of town now

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