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Michael Riccio

I have 2 extra tickets for the Arcade Fire show tonight at the United Center...got these tix from a skybox owner...so no ticketmaster fees...tix say $70...I only want $60 each...they are great seats and its going to be a great show!! I even have a free parking pass if you need one!! Email me if interested...riccio43 at gmail

The Sauce/Murda Your Core

Doc, I'm having trouble finding your FF league. I can't seem to find a place to search by owner, only league name. I even located you from last year but your name doesn't seem to lead to a new option. Direct link?

Btw, is there a buy in this year among WCCF folks? I'd like to take Dole's money.

Chicago Fringe Festival tickets are on-sale now. I'm so excited! This is one of the most fun things I do in Chicago besides lift heavy shit: http://www.chicagofringe.org/. Ten bucks a show! Even cheaper if you buy a package deal!


Hey Sauce. I just checked it out go to ESPN team search put WCCF and blam.
Wasn't going to do a buy in this year off the bat unless anybody wants too. I am think smack talking every week and something to take from Dole will work. Winner gets a case of PBR or something fitting!
ALL WCCF are welcome!


Does hornet still exist?

bozarth 4.2

Hornet is in China, Dolio...


Hi Dole and Bozarth! I is back from motherland to fatherland...

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