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Super G

Congratulations Shockers! Is the season over or are there any post-season games we can watch?

The Sauce/Murda Your Core

Congrats Shockers! Anyone still want to play fantasy football?

Speaking of shocking and fantasies, I want to put out there that I run an uncensored, unjuried theatre festival called Chicago Fringe Festival that opens this Thursday in Jefferson Park (same place where Hush Hush Comedy was). Runs Aug 28-Sept. 7

50 shows, nearly 200 performances over two weekends. It's the reason I'm still in Chicago and if I have anything like a legacy left behind from my time in this city, well then, THIS. IS. IT.

Not only the art stuff, but it's a rockin good time at Fringe Central. Featuring bands, burlesque, variety, lots of craft beers and food. Not your normal summer festival bullshit--this is the real deal as far as fun and good times.

More info, schedule, tickets: www.chicagofringe.org

I am always happy to offer suggestions on which shows to see, and in general I hope to hang out with some of you over the next two weekends. It's gonna be amazing.

The Sauce OUT!


Super G the playoffs were the last two weekends. So we are done going on 7-1 run to win it all!!

Hey sauce I created a WCCF team in ESPN. Look for WCCF Erik Michael is managers name. Draft is Sunday I think but I can change it up.

Small Paul

Hey Doc + Sauce - I would be up to join the Fantasy, however will not be able to do the draft until Tuesday next week or at some point this week prior to Friday. Even though not preferred, I will still play on Auto-pick if the draft day cannot be changed.


Dole in for fatnasty


I'm really proud of the Shockers for coming together. It was a great season!


Hey guys look for WCCF league on ESPN. It's now public the draft is autopick and all that Jazz.

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