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Core Your Murder Saucey Style

Windy City Crossfit, have I got some NEWS for you.

Break out your calendars. Take the cap off that red pen marker. Sniff it. Goooooooood.

NOW circle Saturday, August 2 at 8 PM because that is the day our very own SAM MARTIN will be making his stand up comedy debut (debut, I mean, as far as YOU know/are concerned) at Hush Hush Comedy at Fischman's Liquors & Tap. 4780 N. Milwaukee Ave.

This line up will include many comedians, craft brews, food truck deliciousness, and some guy who murders cores. I don't make it up, I just report it.

Be there!


I think around 18:00 minutes, but honestly not sure. 20lb vest with the runs and I've somehow forgotten how to do double-unders!


21:57 with 32 kg bell

bozarth 4.2

16:32.. dubbys were not my friend today.


19:24 Rx



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