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Cori this pic really captures your famous "let me fiercely flip my hair while i snatch" moment. Not sure its famous but its amazing. Gonna miss you being my oly coach but I wish you the best in the future. Keep getting jack'd


It's an honor knowing you Cori


Cori- thanks for the great coaching and good luck!


Good luck coach cori! Cheetah is lucky to have you!


Good luck Cori! All the best at Cheetah, you will be missed.

bozarth 4.0

Safe!! Best of luck to you!
Already miss you!


good ruck cori!! thanks for sharing your wisdom and awesomeness to wccf!!


Congrats Cori- Good Luck.


all the best cori! you are already missed, but i just know you will kick ass wherever you go.

Mark G/Gav

Cori!!!! Have fun madame. Nothing but the best for you coach.


you will be missed Cori! go get it!

Deputy PUMP

Cori the BOMB!!!!

Yacu get his shoes yet?


Congrats on the new opportunity! Good luck and keep making people buff!


Best of luck Cori, we'll miss you.



Hey WCCF! If you want to hang out and send off the Queen of Pumptown this evening, we are gathering at O'DONOVAN'S (no longer Brownstone, it looks like they might not have the space for us) at 6:30 - 9ish(?).

Spread the word! Hope to see you there!

Nigel Tufnel

In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history, an ancient race of people... the Druids. No one knows who they were or what they were doing...


Congrats Cori and Good Luck!


Yacu got his shoes but in an odd way. I found they at the door this morning and clearly someone had worm them to the Box as the shoes were very wet.

I set them aside for Yacu but it makes you wonder 1) who took them 2) why wear them in and 3) what did the perp wear home:)



Happy and SAD day. Missing you all ready CORI!!! Thanks for everything and GOOD luck at CHEETAHs!!
Smash it!

Jay Bird

Cori - You are a phenomenal coach – the patience and knowledge you display is appreciated. I was very fortunate to have had you for Oly Foundations – you are an amazing coach when it comes to teaching form & technique. THANK YOU!


Thank you for everything Cori! Your passion is inspiring. Wishing you the best of luck in all that you do!


Have fun Cori! You'll smash it!

Deputy PUMP

Cori is amazing - blah blah / but who will actually drink red bull and Vodka and odonovans to prove it.

FYI - no red bull served at ODs. Bring ur own energy drinks

Glad the boots are back.

Let's take a moment to reiterate the no theft policy at WCCF. Accidents happen. Understandable. Newbies - WCCF is a safe, family atmosphere. Don't unleash the beast!


A buddy detective sitcom featuring PUMP and Hornet, solving crimes around the gym. I'd watch it.

Super G

Cori, a.k.a. Dangerous, you will be missed immensely. Thanks for showing me how to snatch before you started your new gig. All the best!

Stay Jacked!

Deputy PUMP

We gotta report to the Kaptain I hope!? We might have to bring Pri back in for that one too.


Safe, sorry to hear that you're moving on, but best wishes on your new endeavor.

Tony B.

Bummed I didn't get to see ya on your last day, and missed your party! However, best of luck to you and everything you got going for you. Youl will certainly be missed!

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