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Are there no kettle bell conditioning classes tonight?


There will be bells flying at 5pm and 6pm!


See you at 6pm cheston.


Hey Folks- we are still looking for yacu's shoes. Did anyone accidentally leave with shoes that weren't theirs?


yeahhhh!!! Kettlebells

The Sauce

Kettleballz class is like the hidden menu at In-N-Out Burger.

It keeps being there, and you guys keep asking about it.

Now stop it before you attract unwanted elements to this divine exercise in conditioning.

Also, who is stealing shoes, you guys? Not cool. Steal my vitamins instead. They are on the kitchen table now.


Reducing Meaningless Ganking


pumptime....i believe this is what you like to post on wccf....


which hidden in-n-out burger is kettlebells class? animal style? the sauce?


thanks for the reminder RMG....

they disappeared from next to the front door sometime between 530a-700a on Wednesday morning ..... navy/tan size 11 Sperry topsider boots

if you took them by accident please bring them back

Amy B

"the walk to dismember"... aptly named, Cheston. That was tough!

Luis Lara

tough workout.

15 laps in 13:55 minutes (24kg). will forever remmeber those 15 laps.

The Saturation

I hope my hand function returns soon - I'd prefer to not type with my elbows tomorrow. That hurt.

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