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Who is coaching at 530??? Let us in!!!!!


"I could have slept for another hour but I said 'No! I'm committed to my fitness and health!'" - Ass




this is probably a long shot, but could someone post to the blog with the gym opens? I'm jonesin to get jack'd.


Most of the 530 crew left. I'm waiting to see if anyone shows up for 630. No one here yet. Guess it wasn't meant to be.


Gym now open


Raging Mountain Goat


Great 5:30am workout! LOL

J. Marcis


I apologize for the late opening of the gym this morning. One of our coaches - who was opening - had a middle of the night emergency room visit with one year old daughter. Being the middle of the night, none of us received the texts until this morning.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.


We hope everything is alright and that everyone is healthy!


Thanks J$, very scary and I hope that everyone is ok.

Katie Clark

Family always comes first. Hope all turns out OK.


Hope all is well after the emergency visit.

@kirk did you say you had a goruck buddy pass that needs to be used by February 1st?

The Sauce

I'd like to recognize RMG's commitment to keep re-naming himself, even in the midst of emergency. I mean, really, commitment. There's a lesson here.

Hey, anyone want some vitamins? http://www.primalblueprint.com/product/Advanced_Health_Formula/Supplements. 21 individually sealed packets to break your plateau and bring you to the next level of fitness. That's how vitamins work. I don't want anything for them (I mean, I won't say no), I just want them to go to a good home. Like a puppy.

Hope all are ok. Kids, you know? They are funish.


GORUCK Conversation Continued:)

@Luis, you never know what they will throw at you. That is part of the fun...that being said you would most likely never swim. You may bear crawl and or do push ups in the lake or any other body of water for that matter but they wouldn't make you swim. This applies to a Challenge(12 - 14 hrs, light (4-7 hrs) or even a heavy (24hrs).

To all,
I encourage anyone that has a inkling to do something like this to try it! If I had to chose between a light and a challenge I would always go the way of the Challenge. I know you might think that 12 hrs is to much but let me tell you it's not to much physically. It is a mental game after the first 4 - 5 hours, sure will power. Both event start VERY physical and almost in the same way (don't want to spoil it). It's really what happens after hour 6 that separates folks. these three events are the ultimate TEAM events. So even if you think you will struggle there will always be a team mate there to help.

All this being said, whatever path you take is a great first step and those of us that are already part for the GORUCK family would be happy to help you in any way to succeed.


Thank you. It is wonderful to be recognized.

Luis Lara

Recognize My Greatness?

Luis Lara

Thanks Hooch. I am pretty sold on doing something like this, although might start with the light and not the challenge but eventually would like to do a 12hr challenge.


I have to echo Hooch's statement; go for the 12 hour full challenge. If you're doing CF here you're physically ready. You'll have to get your shoulders and feet accustomed to the ruck but that's it. There's no way to prepare yourself for the mental challenge...and that's the whole point.


I completed a Light last fall with RMG (Real Macho Guy). We did go in the water for flutters and we carried a lot of additional weight during the whole event. With any team, you are only as strong as the weakest link, but I felt pretty strong.

I'm down for scavengers.


Real Man Gorucks?


RMG - Yes, and sorry I made no sense in my previous post. The buddy pass needs to be claimed before Feb 1st, so if I can't find a taker, I'll just register for something else.


@Hornet Real Men spell GORUCK right:)


not when goruck is a verb


ps. hornet never CAPITALIZES unlesss making a point. have you not notice. lol


Real Men eat Grass-fed (it's close enough...and it's true).

Steve from VDL meats will be making another deliver to WCCF February 15th!

Contact Steve directly and asked to be included on his email blasts for the latest menu/pricing.




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