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A Real Miniature Giant


Hello folks,
As you may know there are a handful of folks that have participated in a few endurance events put on by a company called GORCUK (www.goruck.com). Recently I have heard some interest form a few of you to either do another event or participate in your first event with GORUCK. Well here's you chance, there are a few Challenge (12-14hours)events coming up and I would like to gauge the interest for the April 18th on specifically.

Please go check out the website and get a better look at what GORUCK is. They produce an environment that we all enjoy in Crossfit and that's a sense of family / community.

Please if you have any interest at all email me at michaelkturner (at) msn.com. Of if you have any questions I would be happy to discuss as well as any of the guys that have gone through one event already.



There is a GORUCK Light on 4/19/14.

The Sauce

Anyone take vitamins?

I bought about a year ago from paleo guru Mark Sisson's site:
http://www.primalblueprint.com/product/Advanced_Health_Formula/Supplements. There's 21 individual sealed packets left from a tub of 30. I don't take them simply because they don't work for me. It's still good product.

I'll happily bring them to the gym and leave them for you! Donation optional.



@E-machine are you signing up for GORUCK Light? I'm on board! Who else is in?!


I'd probably be in for the light, and those who have completed, there's a scavenger on 4/5 which could be fun.


scavenger sounds SWEET

The Saturation

@Hooch - I *think* I'm down. #gulp


Yes, I would be interested in scavenger on 4/5.


Dole / RMG, all capstone events are open to ALL you don't have to complete a Good Living event to qualify. The website should be updated shortly.


Having completed the Challenge, class 617 with a few of you guys and girl (singular), I said i would never do that again! But I think I can be persuaded. Can't do it in April, actually won't do it in April. All I can think of is how cold/miserable it was having an early a.m. dip in the lake, followed by rain the rest of the morning! I can handle the work load involved, just not the weather in April. There's a challenge in late June and sometime in August.


This has been one of my big goals for a while. Definitely interested.


C'mon, Daryl, a dip in the lake is nothing. I'm doing the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics on March 2nd. What's that you say? Sure, I'd love it if you or anyone else felt like sponsoring me. There's even a great picture of me doing it last year on my sponsorship page!



@Daryl, there is little chance we will spend significant time in the lake:)


Hooch is there a way to know what the light challenge will be? Id be interested as well as long as no swimming is involved


My buddy may seems to have backed out, so I could have one available for $40 if anyone wants to commit before Feb 1.
Else, maybe I'll see a few of you at the heavy in november.
kkozel at gmail if you're interested.


Back Squat: 135, 155,.165, 185

Wall ball/dips: dips: 8, 7,7
Kb/burpee: burpee: 12, 11, 11
Pull ups: 18, 17, 17


Woohoo! Glad to be back in the mix, even if everything is crazy modified:

BS: 95, 125, 125, 125

Wall Ball (10 lbs)/Planks: 35s, 24s, 32s
KB (16 kg)/Mountain Climbers: 44 MC, 42 MC, 42 MC
Ring Rows: 26, 24, 24


Back Squat: 125, 155, 155, 165

Wall Ball/ dips: Assisted with Red 12,11,10,
KB/ Burpee: 13,15,15
Pull Ups: 12,9,9


back squat:285, 315, 315, 335

wallball/dips: till I was tired
kb/burpee: till I was tired
pull-ups (strict): 12, 9, 6

Amy B

@Mully, @eMachine - I'd do a GORUCK Light if there's a team. I must admit don't like the idea of being in the lake in April after this winter (the lake might still be frozen!) but I could #digdeep and suck it up. I'm in. gulp.

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