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RMG = Reaction Mechanism Generator

bozarth 4.0

Justin named me Bozarth back in the day after Fire and Ice disbanded..
Bozarth 2.0 came in 2010 after recovering from major surgery.. 3.0 happened in late 2011 after another set back. Hornet made me change to Bozarth 4.0 late last year.

Captain.. you are forever CoKo to me.

J. Marcis

Ahh, "Fire and Ice." Those were the days...


Made up Tuesdays WOD

115, failed at 125....blah.

15, 15, 9 (switched to russian on the first two)
Burpee/Box Jump
12, 11, 13
270m, 265m, 280m

PAPA PUMP 'aka The Control Group'

Bozarth, Super G, and CoKo are classic honorable mentions that I forgot

I also like "The Organism"

E-machine / E-pump

Eileen is unique but too boring for a WCCF board name. Kinda rhymes with machine, so I switched to E-machine #fast. Too fast for oly, needed another name. E-pump just makes sense.


J$ posting on the boards makes me miss this place more than usual.

BTW I was never able to earn a board name in 4 years there.

Sad emoticon.


Since I just started last Feb, I appreciate all the explanations!

And now I understand why I too have no board name. I completed foundations with Cheston, along with The Saturation, and I don't sweat profusely.


Made up Tuesday with Copper...

Succeeded at #125 - not my cleanest lift ever but got it there.

DU/KB - 13 swings, 12 swings, 10 swings

Burpee/Box Jump - 10, 8, 9 (Legs felt super heavy here...)

Row - 284m, 296m, 302m

It's nice to hear about how these board names came about - keep 'em coming!


Hardy --
My nickname starting in college was "Party Hardy" (which was then just shortened to "Party") because I went out 6 nights a week. That lived until I quit partying so much in grad school. It's just been "Hardy" to everyone outside and inside the gym ever since.

Julie Hubbard - now known as Hubba

Not having a nickname makes me feel like kind of a loser! I'm going to think of my own.


I'm Sleepy, because I have narcolepsy. True story. Gotta give the foundations coaches a break though; nicknames can take time to develop.

My favorite has to be 'The Saturation' as it's apparently true and also a pop culture reference. Nice work Cheston.


Also, I have some Reebok CrossFit Lifter shoes, men's size 11.5 available for FREE to anyone at the gym. They are of course used. Don't worry; never had foot fungus.

The solid heel really helps the Oly lifts.


Braveheart – last name Urquhart is of Scottish ancestry (though I'm really just an American mutt). Name courtesy of Meagles - who apparently likes movies about 13th century Scotland - after a couple classes in the general population, post-Foundations. I thank her for that and look forward to hearing more wonderful board names.


Just "Holly" for a good solid 3 years until Nardi and Hornet decided an Asian pronunciation of my name was more fun....hence,Horry


Nuf is just a shortened version of my maiden name. I've answered to it since high school and will continue to for eternity. It rhymes with goof, not puff, except in Yaz and Ashley's rendition of "E-nuf is e-nuf".

the donger

nardi aka rhino comes up with catchy saying. ie #sexxxytime

i am call the donger cuz i look like long duk dong from sixteen candles. oh sexxxy girrfriend!

while the board is hot. per captain, we should promote the 2014 CF Open. join the many in a fun 5 week workout. show your color!! wccf proud!



Claris happened when Meagles could not read J$ handwriting on the board. On the first day of foundations, Meagles during roll call kept calling out "Claris, is Claris here". After some empty air I replied " my name is Chris". In which Meagles replied "no it's not, its Claris"...


Dingo- Enough said

The Sauce


Little turd, you guys, Little. Turd. (!)


I joined the box when real names where not allowed on the board. I asked for something cool/glamerous like "Hollywood" or "Big Show". Coach Sean said, "you're kinda a jackass, perhaps we should just call you "Steve-O". Done, I've been humble ever since.

Not Tall Dave or Pumptime or Daddy Pump or whatever he goes by now

Waiting for a Tall Dave post. No one has had more nicknames (whether given or self-selected) than that guy.


Justin (J or J$ or Tinman) has always called me K, even though my name is Kristen. In fact, we only call each other by our full names when we're really mad. So, must of you know me by K. But, I'm also Ninja on the boards, when I'm feeling my alter-ego self. That name came about because I happened into the gym one day wearing pants that an actual ninja might wear. If I had to choose, I would prefer Ninja b/c really, its much cooler than an initial.

The Jeneral

Joined the box in 2008 when everyone had a nickname. Koltse (husband, aka John aka OB Warrior) decided that I should forever be known as The Jeneral because (1) my name is Jen and (2) I'm a bossypants and really really really like rules. Like, really like em. Justin immediately agreed after knowing me for a very short while that The Jeneral was the most logical nickname for me, mostly because I was always up in his business and asking why he was doing things one way or the other. Now, most friends (in and outside the box) call me Jeneral. And I love it.



Because writing Otis Leverne Carter IV takes forever.

The Sauce

Does BC call himself BC because he talks like a caveman on the boards?

Super G

Super G originated from the term Super Giant Slalom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super-G. An ex-boyfriend dubbed me Super G during the 2010 Winter Olympics. I think he was making fun of me (I know he was making fun of me) for not being an expert skiier.

When I started at WCCF in April 2010, Coach WIll said I needed a board name because Gwen was already taken. GwenC, don't forget, you have also been Chamberlin! What are the odds of two Gwens at the same box?

Bridgid aka "B"

Everyone should have posted their pics along with their nicknames.

Refer to yesterday's boards if you don't know what LT stands for.

bozarth 4.0

Yes, Justin.. I believe that you were still doing Murph twice per week back then.


J$ is CrossFit!

RMG = real maximum gack'dness (lite "G" like in "George")


Last name is Kabb, pronounced like cab. I'd say Meagles made the logical choice. For some reason though, I have never been given that nickname til now.

Amy B

Interesting to read all these posts! I did foundations solo so I it seems I missed out on the nickname process. Until now there's only been one Amy so I guess it hasn't been necessary - or maybe I've just managed not to do anything nickname-worthy yet :) Gonna have to work on that !

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