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Row- 115x3, 110 (meters)
Pull ups- 10, 10, 9, 7
Thrusters- 8x3, 9

Mary Lubben

DODGEBALL for charity! This Friday. We need a few more players to round out our team from the 6:30am class.
WHAT: Ravenswood Rampage
WHEN: This Friday, Jan 24, 6:30pm
WHERE: Ravenswood Elementary, Montrose & Paulina
CONTACT: marylubben@gmail.com

The Saturation

I have a horrible feeling that Fran's going to be in town very soon.

PAPA PUMP 'aka The Control Group'

WHO IS THE SATURATION??? That is a very provocative nickname.... is that Drew? He gets kinds gross like that



Row - 115m, 107m, 103m, 103m

Pullups - 5, 5, 4, 6

Thrusters - 5, 5, 5, 6

Arms are still a little tired/tight/fatigued from Trodo + Monday. But looking forward to what Friday brings...even if it's Fran.


Also, was talking it over with some of the other WCCF ladies this morning...really just Copper and Ironman Katie - anyone interested in having an early AM PullUp Club on Thursdays?

E-Machine...you know you miss Pullup Club...


Pumptime-- Brandon House is the aptly nicknamed "The Saturation." Take one look at his shirt halfway through the warmup and you'll get it.

The Saturation

I'm just a ginger that's out to saturate the gym's floor, and everything else I touch, every time I get my WOD (or warmup) on.

So no, this is not Drew. But I do agree, he is kind of gross.

The Sauce

Can we all begin explaining our Board names? Like, why is Dutchess the Dutchess?

I feel like WCCF is kinda dropping the ball on the creation of Board names, and that makes me sad. Also, it's much easier to remember who you are. Otherwise, everyone is now "John" or "Sarah" to me.


Saturation, please don't forget to mention that you are 1/3 of the formidable Saturday morning elite squad, "The Sweaty Bells."


John or Sarah? Come with me if you want to live....

I'm Dole because some people in my past were way to lazy to pronounce the third syllable of my surname.

The Saturation

Sorry Koltse, I forgot to mention that very important fact. As I mentioned last week, we really need to get The Sweaty Bells back together soon. I assume Hack's Pack is starting to worry...

The Sauce

Thank you Dole. This makes me happy to know. Up until now, I thought you were somehow related to a pineapple fortune.

I went with "Sarah" because that's my gf's name and it's just not a thing you want to mess up, you know? I default to Sarah.


i am hornet because
1. my du speed sounds like the buzz of a wasp.
2. my words sting sometime.
3. speedy gonzales doesn't suit an asian.
4. we drop the green in green hornet.

my girl is also named sara ;)


Beef- care to explain/elaborate?

Meagles- you next.

I am Sheena- there are no others.

Speaking of Beef, you may notice a NEW link on the right hand side of this page for CJK foods. WCCF is now a "hub" for CJK foods. Fresh, high quality "paleo" foods delivered once a week. These aren't your regular frozen dinners folks. They taste amazing. I have a sweet potato waffle coming next week that I can't wait not share with Meagles.


Check it out. Delivery to WCCF is $3. Home delivery is $10. EAT CLEAN AND LIFT BIG.

Stay jacked,

Papa Pump - aka "The Control"

I like it -

We had a guy named puddles that would have been a member of sweaty ballZ.

I thought it was mandatory for the on-ramp coach to crown each graduate with a an appropriate nickname? I have no problem, as u know, with changing th nickname as ur legend evolves - but hell no to john and saras

That is bush league.


puddles is known as aquaman at his new cf, cf redrocks...

papa pump is spam. the guy name changes as much as his underwears. tall dave - gumby - thor - pumptime.


When I showed up at WCCF in 2008, there weren't any other Loris yet....so I'm Lori....because my name is apparently super unique.

The Beef story is my favorite story. Beefy, where you at buddy? The world needs to know.


Alex and hugo gave me tha nickname "the captain" so i thought i can use it. Then one day I saw someone was already using it so I dropped it right away.


Duchess is nicknamed so due to her uncanny resemblance to Sarah Ferguson.

Beef aka Servia Rindfleish

Many generations ago, my family immigrated to Germany from Poland. While making the transition, they also decided it would be a good idea to change our family's name to ease the already difficult assimilation process.

According to family lore, they were walking down the streets of Germany and saw a sign outside a shop that said "Rindfleisch." Deeming it a very powerful and German sounding last name, they decided at that instant to take it without asking any questions.

Unbeknownst to them, "Rindfleisch" literally means "Beef" in German... my family was in front of a butcher shop when they picked my last name. I am literally Servia Beef.

Meagles, who coincidentally speaks fluent German, and also happens to be my best friend, has never let it rest since.

Papa Pump "aka The Control"

Tall Dave (there was also super tall Dave here at the time, but I was taller)
Capt of Team Teal
NĂºmero Uno
Aerobic Dave
Papa Pump
"The Control"

Enjoy ur journey at WCCF and celebrate ur metamorphosis every step of the way.

Here are some of my favorites from the Box:
The Operation
Dingo aka Sexual Tyranosaurus
Beef is classic
Hammertime is timeless


Dole - While I look nothing like the Duchess of York, I appreciate you answering on my behalf.

I was just Ingrid (my real name) for a while there but got engaged/married to Duke (real name Dave) and thereby was renamed by Coach Will.

I'm also a fan of the E-Machine/E-Pump sort of naming scheme. E-Machine on Metcon days and E-Pump on Oly/Deadlift days. :)


I am brick and I love lamp. And working out. And crushing souls.


I think the foundation coaches had drop the ball on this one. Sorry guys.
I was given the name Scar by Meagles due to my large scar on my chin. I thought it was cool but when I said it to people at the box. Every response was "like the bad guy from Lion King!?!?" I dropped it. When I was in Phoenix for my final rotation in medical school just a few weeks after finishing foundations at WCCF. I joined a box for a month in Phoenix, one the coaches name Tupac,(yes Tupac) started calling me Doc and if kinda of stuck.

Ox's name came by way of Meagles during his second WOD after he tripped running down the green track. "I am just be big dumb clumsily OX"

Yep more people need nicknames.


Last Name.


Mine was red shirt for like a day until I had to throw away that red shirt because it stunk too much....also provided by meagles. I see a trend.

I am now just my last name


I'll admit that I still don't know a lot of peoples real names. When Meagles and Tennessee got hitched, I seriously thought she was changing her name to Megan Tennessee...


I've always wanted a cool nickname but alas I don't have one. I used to be the only Gwen on any team, class, workplace, etc and never needed a nickname. But then SuperG came to WCCF (really soon after I arrived) and there were multiples of us. Regretably for me, she got the cool nickname.


I am sandy because whatever nardi keeps yelling at me doesn't stick.


Hey, The Sauce, how about you? Do share! ;)


I'm Captain which is a name J$ gave me. I think it stems from this picture...


Which is a great segue to my next topic. You, yes you, should probably go sign up for the Open. Go...now!

Sara Kronenberg

This conversation makes me laugh because WCCF is the only place in my life where I don't go by my nickname and am instead called by my first name, which, coincidental to previous posts, is Sara.

Rock on.


--John K.
--Old Box Warrior (used solely to intimidate Hornet when we battled at one of the "Classics" throw downs a year or so ago)

AND soon to be Ivan Koltskov when I start the Russian OLY training cycle.

The Sauce

Sarah, you know why I'm the Sauce. The rest of you only need to know it goes back to just - post - collegiate days. I guess looking as Guido as I do explains it a bit, too. I also enjoy nicknames with "the" in front of them. You know, for power.

All Sarah shall now go by "stingray."

I'm learning so much today! You for sharing.


It's been awhile since we have had so many posts. These all made me laugh! Copper =last name is Copp. Boom! :-)


Ya'll know that LT (Katie) stands for "Little Turd"? You can thank me later LT.

BTW, next time you post a photo of me, please make sure that my boobs are level. Gravity must have been stronger on one side of me.


Mully, short for Mullinax. Pretty simple.


I'll admit as a coach I have only given two nicknames. They were "Puddles" and "The Saturation"... I guess you can say I found a niche.

The Sauce

Little turd?!


I'm still waiting for my registration fee to be paid for.


Big cat

I agree, we need more nicknames!

I got mine bc my college roommate started 2 months before me and his ex-gf called me big cat and I hated it, so when it came down to give me a nickname mg friend of course yelled out big cat and it stuck.

The Saturation

You have a gift, Cheston!

Unfortunately, I only had a couple of sweat-offs with Puddles before he left. I was really looking forward to turning that place into a pool last summer.


Love seeing all of the posts - been a little thin recently.
When I joined, someone was feeling unoriginal and went with my last name - Huff.
During the Classics last year, I went by Mayor of the PeeWee Division for a while.
Gumby/PT/TD likes Bakula.
Sheena dubbed me Hart by mistake - combo of my last and first names.
As of late, been going by my self-titled moniker - SAMM (Supple Aerobic Monster in the Making). Hope to one day deserve the S and drop the last M.


Brigid, You're boobs look good to me!


Love all the posts today, great insight into some peoples nicknames. Hornet named me "mad hatter" cause I always wear my backwards cap to workout and Sam calls me "crunches" because I am always on the abmat but none have stuck so I am Luis on the board.

Today's workout:
Row: 126, 126, 129, 133
Pull ups: 9, 10, 11, 9
Thrusters: 7, 8, 9 and 10

Bryan (moles)

I'm one of the plethora of Bryan's. The Y doesn't even make me unique here. I needs a name.


thanks huff for clarifying cuz for the longest time i thought samm was sam martin. lol.

i thought cheston is polska?

wommack, you were aka as magic mike back in the day until you decided not to keep it. :)

j$ money gave me my nickname but he doesn't recall that. he wanted to call me brown hornet. i said no cuz it sounded like poop.

i like to see ocho or BC explain their nicknames. the last few OBs (original box or old box).

OB warrior, i fear you not :)

Mark G/Gav

Gav, b/c my last name is Gavina, and I assumed there were too many Marks here. Growing up, at a very early age, I was told by other kids that if you swapped a few letters in my name, you would come up w/ a female body part. So ya, I stuck w/ Marky to most family and friends, and just Gav, to most of the teams I played for in middle and high school.

Hornet made a very weak attempt to name me Bionic during foundations like 2 years ago, b/c of the clunky knee braces i used to wear, and thank goodness that didn't stick. In fact, everyone he tried to nickname in that class didnt stick. You stink Hornet. I was also just 'that other asian dude that's not Hornet,' but since memberships have probably tripled since ive been here, I really don't think that works anymore.


I'm Sleepy, because I have narcolepsy. True story. Gotta give the foundations coaches a break though; nicknames can take time to develop.

My favorite has to be 'The Saturation' as it's apparently true and also a pop culture reference. Nice work Cheston.

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